Building Permits Contra Costa County (2024)

1. Building Permit Forms and Information - Contra Costa County -

  • The ePermits Center allows you to apply online for all building and grading permits, search Property/Permit information such as current projects and application ...

  • Permits can only be issued to licensed contractors or property owners. Form below are required prior to permit issuance. After completing the forms, follow the instructions sent by email.

2. Planning Application and Building Permits | Contra Costa County, CA ...

  • Permit Status and Payments · Building and Grading Permits · Inspections

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3. Public Works Permits - Accela Citizen Access

  • Contractors and Contractor Agents cannot apply for a building division permit until the CSLB license has been activated by our staff for the user account. ** ...

  • To apply you must have an account.

4. ePermits Center

  • Public Works Permits · Register for an Account · Lookup Property Information

  • All users must have an account to use services or make payments on this site. Register for an account. Follow the steps in our Registration Guide. Apply for ALL Building/Grading permits, Planning Applications and Public Works Encroachment permits here on the ePermits Center. Visit our ePermits Center FAQ, Help & How to Guides page for information on our application processes and navigation help. Saved but incomplete applications with TMP in the record number are automatically deleted 90 days after starting the record. Additional ePermits Center Features: Making a payment? Log in, click Building, Planning or Public Works above then search the application's site address or project number that starts with BI for building permits, CD for planning applications and PW for Public Works. How to Make a Payment Guide (PDF). View Daily Inspection Time Frames (PDF) posted after 8:45AM, Monday-Friday. Looking for historical Construction Permits or Plans? Submit a Records Request (PDF) to request copies.


6. Engineering and Plan - Contra Costa County Fire Protection District

  • Engineering plan review services include the review and approval of new construction buildings, access, and water supply systems for subdivisions and new ...

  • Planning & Development

7. Building Permits | Orinda, CA

  • To view or obtain copies of building permits, Contra Costa County provides the following services: Permit Lookup - To view building permit history, any member ...

  • A building permit is required before any person, firm or corporation shall erect, construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, improve, remove, convert or demolish any building or structure. A list of projects that do NOT require a building permit may be viewed here.

8. Contra Costa County - 1-833-My-Permits

  • We can expedite permit process and get you any type of Building Permit for your project in Contra Costa County (Master permit, Sub-permits, Revisions,

  • All City Permits is a full service expediter / runner. We can expedite permit process and get you any type of Building Permit for your project in Contra Costa County (Master permit, Sub-permits, Revisions, Standalone permit, Owner/Builder permit, etc.).

9. Frequently Asked Questions - Alamo Improvement Association

  • To contact the Building Department, call (925) 646-4108 for inspection, or (925) 674-7200 for application and permit. Contra Costa County Community Development ...

  • 1. How do I deal with a new, questionable project in my neighborhood?2. Where do I start with local government to undertake a home improvement project?3. How can I help my community by becoming an AIA volunteer?4. How do I become an AIA member?

10. [PDF] Contra Costa County Montalvin Manor Residential Building Permit ...

  • Why an Amnesty Program? The County's Department of Conservation and Development is responsible for the issuance of permits that are required by code.

11. How to Apply for a Permit - Concord, CA

  • Contra Costa County Fire Protection District (925) 941-3300 / email: info ... Building Permits & Services · Community Pool · Multi-Family Housing ...

  • City of Concord Accessory Dwellings Units ADUS

12. Permits - Central Contra Costa Sanitary District

  • Central San Permit Counter staff provide sewer work permit issuance, plan review, project fee quote, permit history and easem*nt research services. Read more.

  • The Permit Counter public facing hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday - Friday, excluding holidays. Getting ...

13. FAQs • When do I need a building permit and how much will it

  • The Seal of Contra Costa County California. Department of Conservation and Development Solid Waste and Recycling. 30 Muir Road, Martinez CA, 94553. Phone: 925 ...

  • Department of Conservation and Development Solid Waste and Recycling 

14. Senior Building Plan Checker -

  • County of Contra Costa. Senior Building Plan Checker. Bargaining Unit: Local 856 - General Services & Maintenance Unit, Class Code: FRTA. COUNTY OF CONTRA COSTA


15. Where is the Building Department located? - Town of Moraga

  • The Town of Moraga uses the Contra Costa County ( CCC ) Building Department for review, approval and inspection of building permits. The CCC Building ...

  • The Town of Moraga uses the Contra Costa County (CCC) Building Department for review, approval and inspection of building permits. The CCC Building Department has a Lamorinda office located at:3685 Mount Diablo BoulevardSuite 120Lafayette, CA 94549

16. Contra Costa County and Residential Accessory Dwellings

  • 4 mei 2024 · Fees for second unit permits will be in amounts established by the board of supervisors in the community development department's fee schedule.

  • Contra Costa County allows residential second units in certain zoning districts but the permitting process is downright terrifying here. Before we get to the terrifying part, here are some of the development standards: Lot Size. The minimum size of a lot with a primary residence and a second unit

17. Fillable Online Building Permits Contra Costa County, CA Official ...

  • Collect all necessary documents such as property records, construction plans, and property owner information. 02. Visit the Contra Costa County Building ...

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Building Permits Contra Costa County (2024)


What requires a permit in Contra Costa county? ›

These include, but are not limited to, new structures, demolitions, additions, alterations, interior/exterior remodels, running new electrical, water or gas lines, repairs, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, pavilions, decks, carports, garages, docks, pools, foundation repairs, ADUs, and Junior ADUs, solar, energy storage ...

How big of a shed can I build without a permit in Contra Costa county? ›

Storage sheds, tool sheds and play houses that have a foot print of less than 120 square feet do not require a building permit however do have other restrictions. .

How big of a structure can I build without a permit in California? ›

When do I apply for a Building and Safety Permit? PERMITS AND INSPECTIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR THE FOLLOWING: New Attached or Detached Buildings and Structures (Residential and Non-Residential) with a floor area greater than 120 square feet*

What is exempt from a building code permit in California? ›

Projects that change the configuration of walls, pipes, wiring, roofs, or major appliances typically DO require at least one type of building permit. Projects that DO NOT need a building permit are simple surface (cosmetic) projects; minor repairs and replacements; and minor site improvements or small structures.

Do you need a permit to pour concrete in your backyard in California? ›

DIY Concrete Projects in California

In California, platforms, walkways, and driveways not exceeding 30 inches above grade and not over any basem*nt or story below do not require a building permit. However, for larger or structural projects, permits and a licensed contractor are required.

How big can an ADU be in Contra Costa County? ›

ADUs in Contra Costa can be no larger than 1,200 square feet and 16 feet tall. An ADU must have its own kitchen and bathroom and function as a complete, independent dwelling separate to the main residence on the lot.

Do I need a permit for a 10x12 shed in California? ›

One-story detached accessory buildings used as tool and storage sheds, playhouses, and similar uses, provided the floor area does not exceed 120 square feet, do not require a Building Permit (per California Building Code 105.2 "Work Exempt from Permit").

What is the penalty for building without a permit in California? ›

Contractors who violate the law are subject to disciplinary action by CSLB, including civil penalty assessments of up to $5,000 per violation, an order of correction that requires payment of permit fees and any assessed penalties imposed by the local building department, and suspension or revocation of the license.

Do I need a permit to remodel my bathroom in California? ›

Do You Need A Permit To Remodel A Bathroom In California? Yes, permits are required for all aspects of remodeling a bathroom. This includes making any additions or modifications that involve construction, electrical wiring, plumbing structures, and other mechanical processes.

Can you sell a house with unpermitted work California? ›

While small, unpermitted projects (as long as they're clearly disclosed to buyers) might not affect the value of your property, when it comes to large-scale unpermitted work, you may have to consider a lower asking price for your listing, since the buyer will have to assume responsibility for the work that was done.

Do I need a permit to paint my house in California? ›

A building permit is not needed if you are only completing minor home improvements or cosmetic changes. Projects that can be completed without a permit include: Repainting your house. Adding kitchen cabinets with no changes to the layout of the kitchen.

Whose responsibility is it to get a building permit in California? ›

Building permits can be obtained by the homeowner or a licensed contractor. The person or persons performing the work must obtain the permit. It is a violation of state law if a contractor commences work without first obtaining a permit under their state contractor's license.

What is the permit by rule in California? ›

The Permit by Rule process allows generators of hazardous waste to treat certain wastes without having to go through the formal permitting process. Permit by Rule Permit treatment must be done in tanks or containers. Furthermore, the treatment and waste streams must be eligible for Permit by Rule.

What is a use permit in California? ›

What is a Use Permit? Minor Use Permits and Conditional Use Permits are required for businesses with unique operating characteristics that could impact surrounding uses. The use permit will include conditions of approval to ensure that the business operations remain compatible with the surrounding uses.

Is the permit retroactive in Contra Costa County? ›

Property owners wishing to legalize their un- permitted improvements will apply for a retroactive permit. There will be no late fees or late penalties for obtaining the permit. “As-built” sets of plans shall be submitted and may be drawn by the applicant.

How hard is it to get a CCW in Contra Costa County? ›


The process to obtain a CCW License includes: completing the standard California Department of Justice application, Live Scan (electronic fingerprinting), formal interview, training, collection of license fees, and in some cases psychological testing may be required.

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