2006 Collegaite Peaks 50 Mile Trail Race Report
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Collegiate Peaks 50 Mile Trail Race Report
So, around the December 2005 timeframe I decided I would  compete in the Leadville, Colorado "Leadman" this year [2006] which consists of the: Leadville Marathon, Silver Rush 50 Mile Mountain Bike Race, LT100 Mountain Bike Race, Trail 10km, and LT 100 run.  The Leadville Marathon is the first event starting 2 July and culminates August 20th with the Leadville Trail 100 "Race Across the Sky".  All events start in or around the town of Leadville which is the highest incorporated city in America at 10,200 feet.  Last year I had completed three of the event and the Leadville Boom Days Burro Race which is 22 miles up to Mosquito Pass (13,186 ft) so I had a general idea what to expect for terrain and altitude.

In developing my training plan to properly prepare for mountain biking and running 100 miles at 10,200 feet and above I decided it was necessary to run at least one 50 mile race at altitude which lead me to select the Collegiate Peaks 50 Mile Trail Race.

50 mile trail race after action notes:

I definitely went out too fast for a 50 mile race.  I ran the first 25 miles without walking and as I reversed my course (since the race was an out and back in a loop) I realized the course was much steeper and I should have walked the hills or at least 50% of the hills during the first 25 miles.

I should have at least tried an energy gel, but I was concerned over receiving an upset stomach which I received pushing my self at elevation and with some dehydration on the Pike Peak Ascent last year [2005].  I trained using energy gels, but I did not feel too confident of the outcome during the race.

A hat and glasses might have been a good idea--I really do  not like wearing either, but it would have decreased the amount of sun on my face and the resultant fatigue.  I wore Race Ready Long Distance shorts and Patagonia's lightest long sleeve top--which was a good match to the conditions albeit a little cool at times.  I used Second Skin to cover my nipples and Vaseline under my arms--both work very well.  I used Smart Wool socks and only received some very minor blisters that I did not know I had until I removed my shoes.

I used a fuel belt which I generally like, but has two shorting comings: 28 ounces is not enough fluid and the small bottles or flasks are very hard to fill at the aid stations.  I used Hammer Accelerade in a very thin solution and drank water at the aide stations to wash it down.

I am going to try a different model belt/ pack with larger bottles next time.

Recovery went fairly well.  I did not feel like eating after the race, but I had brought some Ensure [which is liquid food for older people] and used the Ensure for proper Running. 

Sunday [day after race] Stretched the next day

Monday [2 days after race] Spinning on my wind trainer

Tuesday [3 days after race] Mountain biking

Wednesday [4 days after race] trail run 6 miles which felt good.

I plan to race the Collegiate Peaks 50 again next year with perhaps three runs longer than 30 miles vice the one I did this year and a smarter run-walk strategy for a fast overall time.





2006 Collegaite Peaks 50 Mile Trail Race Report

Mike after completing the Collegiate Peaks 50 Mile Trail Race

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