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I am entering the 5th season of using telemark gear and tested a variety of Telemark skis from K2 [K2 Super and Work Stinx] eventually opting for TM22 from Atomic, G-3 Targa bindings, and Scarpa T2 boots. The new Atomic Diran replaces the Atomic TM:22 I own. According to the reviews: "The shape and flex stay the same but the addition of a magnesium cap significantly reduces the weight."

Generally, the wider the telemark ski the greater the float in powder. In the example above the TM22 and Diran are excellent for turns on corn, but because of the relative narrow waist and overall ski width are less at home on very deep powder days. A ski similar to the G3 Reverend Ski is better suited to deep powder conditions.

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Atomic Janak Bro Telemark Ski

With plenty of surface area for float in the deeps and enough burl for high-speed charging, the twintip Atomic Janak Bro Telemark Ski owns every piece of the mountain.

Atomic Janak Telemark Ski

Prepare for float, float and more float with the Atomic Janak Telemark Ski. At 99mm underfoot this lightweight powder hunter takes you to the steep and deep without weighing you down.

Atomic Kailas Telemark Ski

The Atomic Kailas Telemark Ski grants the wish of those who charge the deep off-piste, but want something that can handle the occasional ice sheet in the backcountry or corduroy in the resort.

Black Diamond Ethic Telemark Ski

The Black Diamond Ethic Telemark Ski is a hyper-versatile midfat, equally at home in fluffy, virgin powder or in sun-hardened mashed-potato mank.

Black Diamond Havoc Ski

Black Diamonds Havoc Ski is a cult favorite among hard-charging backcountry freeriders, and it has awards from Powder Magazine and Skiing Magazine to back it up.

Black Diamond Machine Ski

The Machine Ski is the mid-fat touring and telemark ace from Black Diamond. Its dialed into tight lines, trees and pure arc precision.

Black Diamond Stigma Ski

The Black Diamond Stigma Skis super lightweight, wood core, versatile dimensions, and torsion box construction will put a huge grin on your face on the way down, and on the way up.

Black Diamond Voodoo Ski

The Black Diamond Voodoo Skis lightweight construction, mellow flex, and fat dimensions help save energy on long tours, while the fat dimensions provide some serious fun when you finally find that ... more info.

Dynafit Mustagh Ata Touring Ski

Dynafits FT Mustagh Ata Touring Ski hungers for big ascents and picturesque lines and with its Paulowina lightwood core, this mid-fat AT ski chows down on both long skins and open powder.

Dynafit Se7en Summits Touring Ski

The Dynafit Se7en Summits Touring Ski has the versatility to perform in any condition on any mountain, on all seven continents.

G3 Rapid Transit Telemark Ski

New this season, the G3 Rapid Transit Telemark Ski floats the pow, kills the crud, and holds a hard tight line with its innovative asymmetrical shape.

G3 Reverend Ski

If youre praying for deep powder days, the G3 Reverend Ski is just what you want propped up next to your altar.

K2 1/4 Pipe Telemark Skis

Young, free-heeled rippers demanded a tele-specific, all-mountain twintip. K2 delivered with the Pipe Telemark Skis. This kids skis moderate sidecut and mid-fat waist is just what aspiring ... more info.

K2 Baker Superlight Randonnee Ski

Lighter on the way up with more float on the way down, the K2 Baker Superlight Randonnee Skis are ideal for ski mountaineering trips and long tours in soft snow conditions.

K2 Hippy Stinx Telemark Ski

The K2 Hippy Stinx Telemark Ski is all about big-air, big lines, and big, arced-out turns.

K2 Mt. Baker Randonnee Ski

K2 developed the Mt. Baker Randonnee Ski to take on the variety of backcountry conditions in the Washington mountains by the same name.

K2 Piste Pipe Telemark Ski

K2s Piste Pipe Ski is more than just a halfpipe jibberits an all-mountain master for advanced free-heeled skiers.

K2 Shuksan Alpine Touring Ski

K2 got together with AMGA guide Martin Volken to design a randonnee ski that tours effortlessly, but isnt afraid of steep, technical descentsthe Shuksan Alpine Touring Ski.

K2 Shuksan Randonnee Ski

K2 got together with AMGA guide Martin Volken to design an alpine touring ski which tours effortlessly and cruises steep backcountry descentsthe Shuksan Randonnee Ski.

K2 Work Stinx Telemark Ski

The folks at K2 know you only have so many sick days, so they designed the perennial favorite Work Stinx telemark ski to make short work of the steep and deep.

Karhu Jak BC Telemark and Alpine Touring Ski

Karhus Jak BC Telemark and Alpine Touring Ski gives you all the power for mean lines on the way down without killing you on the skin up. Made with a lightweight core and carbon reinforcements, this ... more info.

Karhu Kodiak Telemark and Alpine Touring Ski

Slap your skins on the hike-happy Karhu Kodiak Telemark and Alpine Touring Ski and set out for a day of mixed conditions and the occasional powder stash. With its progressive all-mountain sidecut, ... more info.

Movement Skis Freeheel Assymetrical Ski

From afar, the Movement Freeheel Asymmetrical Ski may resemble others of its genre, but when you fall in love, its whats inside that countsand theres titanium alloy and exotic hardwood inside this ... more info.

Rossignol Raven Telemark Ski

When the heavens dump white goodness on your mountain, take the Rossignol Raven Telemark Ski out for a float. Rossignol made this backcountry twintip with a big 110 millimeter waist for those ... more info.

Ski Trab DUO Sint Aero Ski

Look at those curves! Featuring Ski Trabs carbon fiber and aramid honeycomb core construction, the DUO Sint Aero ski has an exceptionally lively and responsive ride for an extremely light package.

Voile Insane Ski

Youre crazy if you dont want to ski on the updated Voile Insane Ski.