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Snowboards like skis are increasingly specialized for intended use--if this is your first season snowboarding then a general use snowboard probably makes more sense.  Renting a variety of equipment provides a "hands-on" feel for the type of snowboard that fits your use and style best. Go to Tips and Techniques: Beginning Snow Boarder Tips for a discussion of how to get started in snow boarding.

Bottom Line: Carefully examine how you will use your equipment throughout the year and select a snowboard, boots and bindings that match your riding style and primary use. Other snowboard equipment you might be interested in reviewing:

Burton Clash Snowboard

The Burton Clash Snowboard has been a riot on the white for years.

Burton Custom V-Rocker Snowboard

Making the Custom Snowboard even better seems impossible, but thats what Burton did with the Custom V-Rocker Snowboard. With V-Rocker reverse camber technology, Burton made the Custom V-Rocker ... more info.

Burton Custom X Snowboard

When youve elevated your shredability to the type of ninja-style insanity in your favorite vids, then step up to the Burton Custom X Snowboard and ride the ultimate all-mountain freestyle weapon.

Burton Joystick Snowboard

Rippers like Jack Mitrani and Chris Sorman were instrumental in making the Burton Joystick Snowboard a serious all-mountain slayer.

Burton Method Snowboard

The Method Snowboard uses Burtons new Alumasuperfly core to give you a hard-charging feel with a weight that boarders on nothing.

Burton Supermodel Snowboard

Rip the biggest, steepest gnar with the supreme handling and technical performance of the Burton Supermodel Snowboard.

Burton Supermodel Snowboard

The Burton Supermodel Snowboard loves nothing more than a waist-deep powder day, but it handles every inch of the mountain without an issue.

Burton Supermodel X Snowboard

The Burton Supermodel X Snowboard combines a twin shape with a setback stance to give enough versatility to rule the terrain park or dominate a pow day.

Burton T6 Snowboard

Big-mountain rulers Terje and Nicolas hit lines so nasty that theres never room for hesitation or mistakes. Keeping them stoked, safe, and at the top of the game is the Burton T6 Snowboard.

Burton Vapor Snowboard

Lighter than a supermodel on a water-only diet, the Burton Vapor Snowboard blows away the competition when it comes to a technically advanced, lightweight ride.

Forum Scheme Snowboard

Test your mettle on the Forum Scheme Snowboard. This directional Forum ride brings high-quality construction to the progressive riding crowd. The Scheme excels at lightning-quick edge-to-edge ... more info.

Gnu Altered Genetics BTX Snowboard

The dudes at GNU mixed up the most advanced, eco-friendly technology they could find, and then had Adam Haynes throw a graphical lightning bolt from the trees to bring this freestyle mutant to life. ... more info.

Gnu Billygoat C2BTX Snowboard

Dont let yourself get bullied by mountain trolls hiding in the corners of those deep, dark natural half-pipes. Point your GNU Billygoat C2BTX Snowboard straight and dominate any monstrous obstacle ... more info.

Gnu Carbon Credit BTX Series Snowboard

The Gnu Carbon Credit BTX Series Snowboard features Banana Technology and Magne-Traction, which means this board feels loose and catch-free.

Gnu Carbon Credit BTX Series Snowboard - Wide

The Gnu Carbon Credit BTX Series Wide Snowboard features Banana Technology and Magne-Traction for your riding pleasure.

Gnu CHB MTX Snowboard

The GNU CHB MTX Snowboard uses wave-shaped edges to make even the most hatefully icy conditions seem mellow.

K2 Brigade Snowboard

Join the ranks of shredders ripping up the whole mountain on the K2 Brigade Snowboard. Whether youre riding a few days a year, or you moved to the resort to live the dream, the Brigade is your ... more info.

K2 Format Snowboard

Slash and burn. The K2 Format Snowboard loves the smell of pine in the morning, and kills it from peak to park to urban-ninja jib sessions. This all-performance shredstick boosts your game and rocks ... more info.

K2 Format Snowboard

K2 made the Format Snowboard to kill it in the pow or park without murdering your wallet in the process. ICG 10 glass and the poppy W1 wood core combine to make turns as effortless as buttered toast, ... more info.

K2 Podium Snowboard

Whether you aspire to win park, slope-style, extreme, or boardercross comps, the K2 Podium Snowboard will help you get there.

K2 Podium Snowboard

We all have to start at the bottom, but theres no reason for you to stay there. Strap on the K2 Podium Snowboard to ride its traditional camber and carbon-enhanced snappiness straight to the top.

K2 Slayblade Snowboard

The K2 Slayblade Snowboard has sent the Zeppelin the way of the Hindenburg. The combination of Flatline camber technology, Harshmellow dampening system, and Hybrilight construction have crowned the ... more info.

K2 Slayblade Snowboard - Wide

Hop on the K2 Slayblade Wide Snowboard and get your extra large stomp on with a little help from some new allies. Get acquainted with the Flatline camber and Harshmellow dampening, which give the ... more info.

K2 Zero Snowboard

K2 wants to ensure that winter will live on, so it created the Zero Snowboard. The Zero features K2s lightest, most advanced construction everand its environmentally friendly too.

Lib Technologies T.Rice Pro Model C2 BTX Snowboard

WARNING: when it comes to big, steep lines, the Lib Tech T.Rice C2 BTX Snowboard might make you crap your pants. Yup, it rides that smooth.

Lib Technologies T.Rice Pro Models MTX Snowboard

The man is a living legend and the Lib Technologies T.Rice Pro Models MTX Snowboard is his go-to stick whether hes shredding pow or pumping out park runs.

Nitro Blacklight Snowboard - Mid-Wide

Be warned, riding the Nitro Blacklight Snowboard might cause you to be warped into a trance-like state of snowboarding hallucination, but the truth is youre not tripping. That huge cliff you just ... more info.

Nitro Misfit Snowboard

As badass as a Devilock-wearing Danzing back in the day, the Nitro Misfit Snowboard brings the noise to rip anything on the mountain.

Nitro Pantera Snowboard

Want to rip pow lines like a Cowboy From Hell? Nitro tacked some nano-composite shoes onto the powder-loving tapered shape of the Pantera Snowboard so you could ride this steed into the sunset after ... more info.

Nitro Pantera Snowboard

Want to rip pow lines like a Cowboy From Hell? Nitro tacked some nano-composite shoes onto the powder-loving tapered shape of the Pantera Snowboard so you could ride this steed into the sunset after ... more info.

Nitro Prolight Snowboard

When a typical day on the mountain finds you shredding pow, tearing up the groomers, and hucking huge gaps in the park, then get on the Nitro Prolight Snowboard for all-mountain performance in a ... more info.

Nitro Team Series Snowboard

Yet again, the Nitro Team Series Snowboard steps up to the plate and delivers a lightweight, freestyle ride that can handle any conditions you throw at it. Nitro riders Bryan Fox and Josh Mills ... more info.

Ride Antic Snowboard

Ride gave the Antic Snowboard a twinish shape and subtle -inch stance setback to create an urban/park feel that can take on the entire mountain.

Ride Antic Snowboard

With a twinish shape, carbon array, and subtle stance setback, the Ride Antic Snowboard delivers versatility that can takeover the park, or launch legends on big terrain.

Ride Concept TMS Snowboard

How do the best ideas start? Duh, with a great concept. The same goes for the Ride Concept TMS Snowboard, which belongs to Rides ATV collectionas in All Terrain Vehicle.

Ride Concept UL Snowboard

From deep in the Ride Snowboard laboratory comes the Concept UL Snowboard. This ultra-light freeride board smashes atoms in the backcountry before heading over to mix dangerous chemicals in the park.

Ride Concept UL Snowboard

From deep in the Ride Snowboard laboratory comes the Concept UL Snowboard. This ultra-light freeride board smashes atoms in the backcountry before heading over to mix dangerous chemicals in the park.

Ride Control Snowboard

If youre a progressing rider who makes the entire mountain your playground, the Ride Control Snowboard is your ticket to all-mountain dominance.

Ride Control Snowboard

Ride took a hint from skateboard wheel tech and gave your Control Snowboard urethane Slimewalls that smooth-over your snow, wood, and metal attacks. Plus the sidewalls are ridiculously durable.

Ride Prophet Snowboard

The Ride Prophet Snowboard returns for another season of hard charging all over the mountain.

Ride Prophet Snowboard

Ride resurrected the Prophet Snowboard to guide you through your all-mountain pilgrimage for that divine pow stash.

Rome Anthem Snowboard

Rome built the directional Anthem Snowboard for riders who want a kick-ass high-end board that can stick with them from park hits to cliff stomps.

Rome Anthem SS Snowboard

The Rome Anthem SS Snowboardhow do you make the classic all-mountain destroyer even better? Its easy: add some rocker and take off some weight.

Rome Crail Snowboard

The Rome Crail Snowboards an affordable directional ride thats ready to step up to any terrain you can handle.

Rome Solution Snowboard

Rome created the Solution Snowboard for riders who rip aggressively on every corner of the mountain but dont have a trust fund to buy a new board every year.

Rossignol Jones Snowboard

When Jeremy Jones needed a snowboard to handle his fearless big-mountain style, he teamed up with Rossignol and together they created the ultra-responsive Jones Snowboard.

Salomon Answer Snowboard

The Salmon Answer Snowboardits all about the bamboo. Bamboo inlays coupled with Salomons Popster core profile make this freestyle board lightweight, strong, and snappy as hell.

Salomon Burner Snowboard

At the peak of freeride technology stands Salomons Burner Snowboard.

Salomon Loft II Snowboard

If you think youve got the skills to thrill, test your style on the Salomon Loft II Snowboard. This directional twin banger is the lightest, most technically advanced board in Salomons lineup.

Salomon Sick Stick Snowboard

Hop on the Salomon Sick Stick Snowboard and shred the backcountry with a bonafide eco-warrior under your boots. Part of Salomons G.I.F.T project, the Sick Stick replaces nasty materials with ... more info.

Salomon Special Snowboard

Salomon created the Special Snowboard for those who like to Salomon created the Special Snowboard for those who ride every corner of the mountain. A quadratic side cut and ERA 3-D core profile give ... more info.

Other gear for winter adventure racing and backcountry travel: