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Snowboards like skis are increasingly specialized for intended use--if this is your first season snowboarding then a general use snowboard probably makes more sense.  Renting a variety of equipment provides a "hands-on" feel for the type of snowboard that fits your use and style best. Go to Tips and Techniques: Beginning Snow Boarder Tips for a discussion of how to get started in snow boarding.

Bottom Line: Carefully examine how you will use your equipment throughout the year and select a snowboard, boots and bindings that match your riding style and primary use. Other snowboard equipment you might be interested in reviewing:

Arbor Draft Snowboard

Arbor made the Draft Snowboard for street-minded riders who want to ride rails and jib naturals once in awhile. When you catch air off a cornice this true twintips camberless design spins with ease ... more info.

Arbor Westmark Snowboard

Arbor designed the Westmark Snowboard with a twin-directional flex for versatile performance that takes on both rails and massive park hits with ease.

Burton Blunt Snowboard

Burton built the Blunt Snowboard as tough as a tank and gave it a soft, buttery flex to help you throw down with style on every rail or box you encounter.

Burton ConDOM Snowboard

The Burton ConDOM Snowboardthe park is gonna feel violated after you roll through on this deck. Unlike any board out there, the ConDOM has ZERO camber and its shaped like the bottom of a ... more info.

Burton Custom ICS Snowboard

Steep Alaskan spines, backcountry couloirs, terrain parks, road gaps, half pipesthe Burton Custom ICS Snowboard basically rules every type of terrain you encounter.

Burton Custom Snowboard

Mads Jonsson, Heikki Sorsa, Mason Auirre, and Luke Mitrani worked with Burton to bring you the new Custom Snowboard. A speedy base, burly sidewalls, and ber-pop make this legendary freestyle board ... more info.

Burton Custom Snowboard

The Burton Custom Snowboard has been seen ripping everything from Alaskan steeps to pipes to your local downtown rails.

Burton Deuce Snowboard

Play with a stacked deck when you ride the Burton Deuce Snowboard. Burton built a directional flex into this ripping twin so that you get the benefits of both shapes.

Burton Dominant Snowboard

A ridiculously soft flex gives the Burton Dominant Snowboard an unmatched buttery feel for sessioning a downtown rail or jibbing boxes in the park.

Burton Dominant Snowboard

A ridiculously soft flex gives the Burton Dominant Snowboard an unmatched buttery feel for sessioning a downtown rail or jibbing boxes in the park.

Burton Farm Snowboard

Burton went to their up-and-coming riders like Jack Mitrani and Brandan Keenan to give the Farm Snowboard a unique ride and feel that slays terrain parks with new-school ease.

Burton Fix Snowboard

The Burton Fix Snowboard uses unique Scoop convex tip and tail to butter like nothing else and to keep you from getting snagged on a ragged lip when you hit the parks biggest table.

Burton Idiom Select Snowboard

Want freestyle perfection and graphics that you wont see anywhere else on the hill? Check out the Burton Idiom Select Snowboard.

Burton Jeremy Snowboard

Jeremy Jones rules all: city rails, huge hits, massive drops. With the Jeremy Snowboard, Burton gives Jones a freestyle weapon for any feature he can find.

Burton Jussi Snowboard

The Burton Jussi Snowboard makes a terrain park out of the whole mountain. Lips, pillows, fallen trees, cornicestheyre all just terrain park features to Jussi.

Burton The White Collection Operator Snowboard

The Burton White Collection Operator Snowboardtheres really nothing the Flying Tomato cant do on the mountain, so it only makes sense that Shaun Whites signature snowboard slays everythingpark, pipe, ... more info.

Burton Twin Snowboard

Burton built the mid-wide Twin Snowboard to handle the ass kicking that your ride takes when you spin laps through the terrain park or meet your crew at a city rail.

Burton X8 Snowboard

Last year the X8 Snowboard kicked off Burtons ICS system and took the snowboard world by storm. This year, the X8 continues its domination in terrain parks worldwide.

Capita Indoor Survival Snowboard

Jump on the Capita Indoor Survival Snowboard, pop over the dismembered bodies in your way, and hit the park without fear.

Capita Mid Life Lost Snowboard

Keep the crisis in check with the Capita Mid Life Lost Snowboard. This true twin ride features a snappy, responsive core with carbon reinforcements.

Capita Stairmaster Extreme Snowboard

Capita added extra spice to the limited Stairmaster Extreme Snowboard. Peep the topsheet art and try not to flash a woody in the lift line. This Capita board has the same sick tech as the ... more info.

DC Iikka Backstrom Signature Model Snowboard

What do you call a Finn with a talent for shred and a taste for freestyle? Iikka Backstrom of course. Iikkas DC Signature Model Snowboard has more pop and style than your latest mixtape.

DC Lauri Heiskari Signature Model Snowboard

Pop and bonk yourself silly on the DC Lauri Heiskari Signature Model Snowboard. This pro-designed stick features a super poppy wood core that DC reinforced with carbon and Kevlar for strength, ... more info.

DC MLF Snowboard

Jump on the DC MLF Snowboard and see what happened when Ikka and Devun were given the task of designing a freestyle twintip ideal for the park and backcountry.

DC PBJ Snowboard

Pop, lock, and drop your favorite features on the DC PBJ Snowboard. This true twin jibs DCs poppy Stratus core and disgustingly rad-tarded skate-inspired graphics by Andy Howell.

DC PBJ Tweener Snowboard

Need to get nasty in the hood? Check out the DC PBJ Tweener Snowboard. This twintip park board features DCs STRATUS core that gives you tons pop and liveliness.

DC XFB Snowboard

DC created the XFB Snowboard for your park riding style that wants venture outside the park from time-to-time. The XFB rocks a responsive, forgiving flex for riding rails, jibbing naturals, or ... more info.

Flow Quantum Snowboard

We dont want to argue, but Scotty Lago cant be wrong for choosing to ride the Flow Quantum Snowboard. Unlike many freestyle boards, this award-winning ride can handle your pedal-to-the-medal run-ins, ... more info.

Forum Destroyer Snowboard

The Forum Destroyer Snowboard isnt one of those noodle-soft rides that can take on a rail and nothing else. This responsive, twintip board rips any freestyle terrain on the mountain.

Forum Grudge Snowboard

With Forums lightest, strongest core, the Grudge is a kickass board for getting aggro in the park and pipe. One ride on this freestyle machine and youll know why people start salivating in its ... more info.

Forum Pat Moore Pro Model Snowboard

Theres no turning back once you strap into the Forum Pat Moore Pro Model Snowboard. Pat designed his pro model for true versatility. A medium flex feels stable enough for monster booters yet soft ... more info.

Forum Seeker Snowboard

A souped-up version of Forums best-selling Destroyer freestyle board, The Forum Seeker Snowboard features a lightweight core and two carbon strips for flex and snap.

Forum Substance Snowboard

No matter what substances youre addicted to, they wont get you as high as the Forum Substance Snowboard.

Forum Youngblood Snowboard

The Forum Youngblood Snowboard is a menace in the terrain park.

Gnu Danny Kass MTX Snowboard

Lets look at the facts. Danny Kasstwo-time Olympic Silver medalistuses his pro model GNU MTX Snowboard to rip pipes a new one. Maybe hes on to something.

Gnu Riders Choice MTX Snowboard

Gnu pros helped design the Riders Choice MTX Snowboard with all the elements for freestyle domination.

Head Snowboards USA Tribute Freestyle Snowboard

The Head Tribute Snowboard is ready to take the terrain park by storm straight outta the box.

K2 Anagram Snowboard

The K2 Anagram Snowboard gives beginning to advanced riders tons of freestyle performancewithout taking a heavy toll on their bank accounts.

K2 Believer Snowboard

The team-driven K2 Believer Snowboard puts that elusive 900 within your grasp.

K2 Darkstar Snowboard

The K2S Darkstar Snowboard slays tables, destroys rails, and wreaks all-around havoc in the park. This twintips Hyper progressive sidecut and tapered-out tip and tail equal freestyle park power.

K2 Jibpan Snowboard

The Jibpan Snowboard completes K2s line of freestyle snowboards. This versatile board is as comfortable on backcountry booters as it is buttering boxes in the park.

K2 WWW Rocker Snowboard

K2s Jib Rocker construction in the WWW Rocker Snowboard makes this your stick of choice for urban rail jams and park jumps.

K2 WWW Snowboard

The K2 WWW Snowboard (thats World Wide Weapon, though we suggest keeping that on the DL so the Feds dont come after you) is the K2 teams jibber of choice. The WWW, with Jib Rocker, is fully prepared ... more info.

Lib Technologies Dark Series MTX Snowboard

Lib Tech designed the skate-influenced Dark Series Magnetraction Snowboard to give progressive riders an incredible feel in the terrain park and on downtown rails

Lib Technologies Jamie Lynn Phoenix Snowboard

Youve seen Jamie Lynn killing it for years, and his boards have progressed right along with him. Saddle up the Lib Tech Jamie Lynn Phoenix Snowboard for the latest evolution.

Lib Technologies TRS MTX Snowboard

The Lib Tech TRS MTX Snowboards blend of freestyle performance and durability impressed Transworld Snowboarding enough to earn the magazines Good Wood Award in 2007.

Nitro Andreas Wiig Snowboard

A twin shape and long tip and tail profile give the Nitro Andreas Wiig Snowboard the versatility to take on anything from rails to terrain parks to backcountry booters.

Nitro Misfit Snowboard

You dont want your board to handle like a damn tanker when you set up for a jump or carve a quick turn to line up a last-minute booter, which is why Nitros Misfit Snowboard is juuuust right.

Nitro Sub Pop Snowboard

The reverse-camber Nitro Sub Pop Snowboard isnt supposed to be available until 2010, but have the hookup and are passing it your way.

Nitro Swindle Snowboard

When the resort bans you for hustling on the lift, break out the Nitro Swindle Snowboard. This urban jibber features meaty edges for years of grinding, and Nitros bombproof double-layer Scratch & Rip ... more info.

Nitro T1 Snowboard

Nitro designed the T1 Freestyle Snowboard with just the right flex to nose press the crap out of a rail without being so soft that you cant stomp the 30ft gaps in the terrain park.

Nitro T2 Snowboard

The Nitro T2 Snowboards responsive, smooth flex and true twintip design render this a park board to be reckoned with.

O-matic Awesome Limited Edition Snowboard

Todd Richards has been riding for a long, long time, so leave it to him to design a board that can do everything at the resortthe O-Matic Awesome Limited Edition Snowboard.

O-matic Awesome Snowboard

Some may think that Todd Richards got an O-matic pro model because he owns the company. He also has more medals than you have T-shirts, so shut up and ride the Awesome Snowboard.

O-matic Celebrity Snowboard

If you consistently wake up with random panties and empty Champagne bottles strewn around the crib, then the O-Matic Celebrity Snowboard is the choice for you.

O-matic Extr-emo Snowboard

O-matic gave this seasons twintip Extr-emo Snowboard a sintruded base for extreme speed, a vertically laminated core for extreme pop, and a totally rad name that lets us over-use the word extreme ... more info.


Other gear for winter adventure racing and backcountry travel: