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Snowboards like skis are increasingly specialized for intended use--if this is your first season snowboarding then a general use snowboard probably makes more sense.  Renting a variety of equipment provides a "hands-on" feel for the type of snowboard that fits your use and style best. Go to Tips and Techniques: Beginning Snow Boarder Tips for a discussion of how to get started in snow boarding.

Bottom Line: Carefully examine how you will use your equipment throughout the year and select a snowboard, boots and bindings that match your riding style and primary use. Other snowboard equipment you might be interested in reviewing:

Arbor Del Rey Snowboard

Arbor made the versatile Del Rey Snowboard to rip up the park, assault the streets, or take flight off a few backcountry booters.

Arbor Draft Snowboard

Designed around The System, Arbors jib-specific rocker technology, the Arbor Draft Snowboard gives you a true-twin deck to support your jibberwocky style all over the mountain.

Arbor Westmark Snowboard

Arbor made the multi-dimensional Westmark Snowboard for more advanced riders with sights on triple-kink urban rails and massive, bone-shattering park hits.

Burton Blunt Snowboard

Burton built the Blunt Snowboard as tough as a tank and gave it a soft, buttery flex to help you throw down with style on every rail or box you encounter.

Burton Blunt Snowboard

Hit the dank moves from the park to city rails with the catch-free, V-Rocker and Cruise Control shape of the Burton Blunt Snowboard.

Burton ConDOM Snowboard

The Freebase Rocker shape and Rail Ready edges of the Burton ConDOM Snowboard let you hit that kinky rail without any repercussions after all of your friends get burned.

Burton Custom ICS Snowboard

The Burton Custom ICS Snowboard features The Channel, a spine down the center of the board that evenly distributes energy and works with both standard and EST bindings.

Burton Deuce Snowboard

The Burton Deuce Snowboard combines a twin shape and flex with a slightly setback stance to give you control on the high peaks and plenty of performance in the park.

Burton Dominant Snowboard

Experience the unbelievably buttery feel of Burtons Dominant Snowboard while sliding rails or jibbing boxes.

Burton Easy Livin Flying V Snowboard

The Easy Livin Flying V Snowboard features a full-rockered shape that gives it a playful skateboard-like feel when you strap it on and drop in.

Burton Farm Snowboard

Burton went to their up-and-coming riders like Jack Mitrani and Brandan Keenan to give the Farm Snowboard a unique ride and feel that slays terrain parks with new-school ease.

Burton Fix Snowboard

Set up your line, visualize how high youre about to get, and drop. With Party Rocker and a park-specific profile, the Burton Fix Snowboard is ready to get you hooked.

Burton Flying V Snowboard

The Burton Flying V Snowboard packs a full-rockered shape that give is a feel unlike anything youve ever strapped to your feet.

Burton Hate V-Rocker Snowboard

Theres been something burning you up inside ever since your resort closed and the Burton team knows how to get rid of it. Get sweet revenge on summer for daring to exist on the twinned out, Hate ... more info.

Burton Hero Snowboard

The Burton Hero Snowboard packs a V-Rocker shape that increases float, makes riding effortless, and still holds an edge like few boards out there.

Burton Jeremy Snowboard

Jeremy Jones rules all: city rails, huge hits, massive drops. With the Jeremy Snowboard, Burton gives Jones a freestyle weapon for any feature he can find.

Burton Jeremy Snowboard

Jeremy Jones has been at the head of the freestyle scene for years, so its no wonder the Burton Jeremy Snowboard packs in all the performance you need for a serious session.

Burton Jussi Snowboard

Burton and Jussi got together to make the Jussi Snowboard a tool that turns every square inch of the mountain into your own personal terrain park.

Burton Operator Snowboard

The Burton Operator Snowboard is Shaun Whites weapon of choice when dominating the competition and while youll never win back to back gold at the X Games, you can get a taste of victory with this ... more info.

Burton SE7EN Snowboard

The Burton SE7EN Snowboardaah yeah. It was hard as hell getting Burton to even consider hooking up some of these Coalition decks. Weve been beggin for years.

Burton Twin Snowboard

The Burton Twin Snowboard has been one of the most popular freestyle sticks for seasons now, but Burton keeps improving it.

Burton X8 Snowboard

Last year the X8 Snowboard kicked off Burtons ICS system and took the snowboard world by storm. This year, the X8 continues its domination in terrain parks worldwide.

Burton X8 Snowboard

From park to pow, Burtons X8 Snowboard owns all terrain.

Capita Green Machine Snowboard

Capita agents traveled the world luring hippies into black vans with promises of bongos and thai sticks. Once home, their quarry was herded into a blender and the smoothie of tree-hugging goo was ... more info.

Capita Horrorscope FK Snowboard

Capita witch doctors want you to strike fear in the souls of other park rats. So they conjured the Horrorscope FK Snowboard to let you ollie so high youll leave all the bros shivering in pools of ... more info.

Capita Horrorscope FK Snowboard - Wide

Scarier than any park board youve ever ridden, the Capita Horrorscope FK Wide Snowboard delivers hellfire style, Flat Kick technology and a freestyle-specific reverse-camber shape to explode your ... more info.

Capita Indoor Survival FK Snowboard

With the endless possibilities for destruction that the Capita Indoor Survival FK Snowboard offers, you had better be a shredder of no fear before stepping on this true twin freestyle deathstick.

Capita Mid Life Photo Snowboard

Youve finally reached a point in your life where you know what you want and the Capita Mid Life Photo Snowboard is here to solidify that moment in time. Twin, cambered, mid-wide, fast, flexy, and ... more info.

Capita Stairmaster Extreme Snowboard

Some days we cant tell the difference between the snowboarding industry and the world of paparazzi ridden, soulless celebrities. Just when we could barely stand it anymore, Capita mystics decided to ... more info.

Capita Stairmaster Extreme Snowboard - Wide

There is no crying allowed in snowboarding-Even if some malevolent figure ollies over your head and burns the true image of your soul into your eyes with their Capita Stairmaster Extreme Wide ... more info.

Capita Stairmaster Snowboard

The kinked out rail that owned you last winter might as well be a mythical beast and everyone knows you need a special weapon to conquer those. Lo! Capita shamans have brought you the Stairmaster ... more info.

Capita UltraFear FK Snowboard

Just below the surface of this reality, legions of things exist that will shatter your sanity in a heartbeat. Capita has released the Super Limited UltraFear FK Snowboard from the space between to ... more info.

DC Bender Snowboard

DC built the Bender Snowboard for advanced rippers looking for a versatile all-mountain freestyle board. Bender Anti-Camber technology floats in the pow like a leaf on water, and delivers a ... more info.

DC Core MLF Snowboard

DC riders Devun Walsh and Iikka Backstrom developed the Core MLF Snowboard at the Mtn. Lab, so you can take the dialed shape and flex to your local terrain park and the backcountry.

DC Core PBJ Snowboard

Designed specifically for the park and streets the DC Core PBJ Snowboard rocks a true twin tip and centered stance to keep you jibbing all day long. This one-of-a-kind board rocks a unique design to ... more info.

DC Core XFB Snowboard

DC made the Core XFB Snowboard for the freestyle rider who likes to venture outside the park once in awhile, and gave it a one-of-a-kind graphic to keep you lookin fresh.

DC HKD Pro Devun Snowboard

When you hop on the DC Devun Walsh Signature Model Snowboard you make a decision to pop over the fence to greener pastures.

DC MLF Pro Iikka Snowboard

What do you call a Finn with a talent for shred and a taste for freestyle? Iikka Backstrom of course. Iikkas DC Signature Model Snowboard has more pop and style than your latest mixtape.

DC MLF Snowboard

Jump on the DC MLF Snowboard and see what happened when Ikka and Devun were given the task of designing a freestyle twintip ideal for the park and backcountry.

DC PBJ Pro Biittner Snowboard

DC pays respect to one of the all-time, rail-slaughtering greats by giving Biitner his very own pro model PBJ Snowboard.

DC PBJ Snowboard

Pop, lock, and drop your favorite features on the DC PBJ Snowboard. This true twin jibs DCs poppy Stratus core and disgustingly rad-tarded skate-inspired graphics by Andy Howell.

DC XFB Pro Lauri Snowboard

Pop and bonk yourself silly on the DC Lauri Heiskari Signature Model Snowboard. This pro-designed stick features a super poppy wood core that DC reinforced with carbon and Kevlar for strength, ... more info.

DC XFB Snowboard

DC created the XFB Snowboard for your park riding style that wants venture outside the park from time-to-time. The XFB rocks a responsive, forgiving flex for riding rails, jibbing naturals, or ... more info.

Flow Era Snowboard

Step on the Flow Era Snowboard and find yourself with a new set of freestyle powers. The Trueflex core, Whiskey Royale construction, I-ROCK rocker, and EZDT sidecut all work together to create a ... more info.

Flow Scotty Lago Quantum Snowboard

Park gapers beware; the Flow Scotty Lago Quantum Snowboard demands to be tested.

Forum Destroyer Chillydog Snowboard

Based on the popular Destroyer Snowboard, the Forum Destroyer Chillydog Snowboard takes all the best features from its straight camber brother and gets the reverse-camber makeover. Chillydog ... more info.

Forum Destroyer Snowboard

Theres a reason that the Forum Destroyer Snowboard has been Forums flagship board since the beginning: it kicks ass for all things freestyle.

Forum Manual Chillydog with Pop Snowboard

The Forum Manual Chillydog with Pop Snowboard is the teams top choice for urban sessions. Chillydog continuous rocker combined with Pop zones in the tip and tail gives you catch-free predictability ... more info.

Forum Manual Snowboard

When Eddie Wall and Nic Sauve head out for an urban rail sesh, they saddle up the Forum Manual Snowboard.

Forum Scallywag Snowboard

Poachers, pirates, and general neer-do-wells everywhere agree, the Forum Scallywag Snowboard with the ChillyDog Continuous Rocker is one dangerous buccaneer.

Forum Seeker Snowboard

The Forum Seeker Snowboard has now won the Transworld Good Wood award two years in a row now. Saddle one up and see what all the fuss is about.

Forum Youngblood Chillydog Snowboard

If you need another reason to love the Forum Youngblood Chillydog Snowboard, Transworld gave this reverse-camber shredstick a Good Wood Award for best park board. With features like a continuous ... more info.

Forum Youngblood Snowboard

Forum packed just about every freestyle-specific feature into the Youngblood Snowboard, so you get the ride of your life, every time.

Gnu Danny Kass BTX Snowboard

Danny Kass talked Gnu into adding C2 Banana Technology to his pro model so you could stand on his giant shoulders and ride the Danny Kass BTX Snowboard into the halls of legend.

Gnu Danny Kass MTX Snowboard

Winning two silver medals is no easy feat and highly unpossible without the right deck under you. The Gnu Danny Kass MTX Snowboard was designed by DK himself to help you dominate the competition.

Gnu Park Pickle BTX Snowboard

GNU gave the Park Pickle BTX Snowboard an asymmetrical core and a deeper heelside sidecut for a balanced feel while you ride.

Gnu Park Pickle BTX Snowboard - Wide

Do you ride duck-footed and love pickles? If you answered yes to both or even just the first one, the GNU Park Pickle Wide BTX Snowboard will complete you.

Gnu Riders Choice BTX Snowboard

Trust the judgment of riders like Zach Lesch, Dennis Buonjourno and Nate Ferrell and make the right decision. Join forces with the GNU Riders Choice BTX Snowboard and experience the ultimate in ... more info.

K2 Airdu Snowboard - Women's

Leanne Pelosi designed the K2 Aird Womens Snowboard for freestyle-focused ladies who get off on learning new tricks.

K2 Anagram Snowboard

The K2 Anagram Snowboard gives beginning to advanced riders tons of freestyle performancewithout taking a heavy toll on their bank accounts.

Other gear for winter adventure racing and backcountry travel: