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Aqua-Bound MantaRay Aluminum Shaft Paddle - 2 Piece

If youre looking for a durable kayak paddle that wont shatter when you accidentally bang it against a rock, consider the Aqua-Bound MantaRay Aluminum Shaft 2-Piece Paddle.

Aqua-Bound MantaRay Carbon Paddle - 1 Piece

You want a super light one-piece paddle for quick acceleration during your paddle workouts and adventure races. Get your hands on the Aqua-Bound MantaRay Carbon 1-Piece Paddle.

Aqua-Bound MantaRay Fiberglass Paddle - 2 Piece

Youre not into leisurely laahdeedaah paddlingyour style is fast and powerful for athletic touring, paddle workouts, or adventure racing and youre looking for a lightweight, two-piece paddle. Grab the Aqua-Bound MantaRay Fiberglass Paddle.

Aqua-Bound StingRay Aluminum Shaft Paddle - 2 Piece

When youre exploring narrow inlets and darting through ocean waves you cant always be sure you wont smack the occasional rock with your paddle. The Aqua-Bound StingRay Aluminum Shaft 2-Piece Paddle doesnt mind rock smacks.

Aqua-Bound StingRay Carbon Paddle - 1 Piece

Lifting a heavy kayak paddle a thousand times an hour is like running in hiking bootsunnecessary and tiring. The Aqua-Bound StingRay Carbon 1-Piece Paddle weights a mere 18.5 ounces.

Aqua-Bound StingRay Fiberglass Paddle - 2 Piece

You like going on long tours and youd love to pick up a two-piece, lightweight paddle that wont rob your bank account. Take a look at the Aqua-Bound StingRay Fiberglass 2-Piece Paddle.

Carlisle Enchantment Carbon Paddle - Straight Shaft

Need a kayak paddle thats bomb-proof and light? You found itthe Carlisle Enchantment Carbon Paddle.

Carlisle Magic Carbon Paddle - Straight Shaft

When you want the light weight of a carbon fiber paddle but need some flexibility, try out the Carlisle Magic Carbon Paddle next time you head out in your recreational kayak.

Harmony Sea Passage Paddle - Featherlok Fiberglass Straight Shaft

The Harmony Sea Passage Featherlok Fiberglass Paddle with a Straight Shaft is strong, has a consistent flex throughout, and weighs less than an aluminum model.

Werner Camano 2 Piece Paddle - Glass Blades/Bent Fiberglass Shaft

The Werner Camano 2 Piece Paddle with fiberglass blades and bent fiberglass shaft is a classic low-angle touring design.

Werner Camano 2 Piece Paddle - Glass Blades/Straight Fiberglass Shaft

The Werner Camano 2 Piece Paddle provides quick acceleration in challenging water and easy strokes across long passages. It is Werners most popular touring paddle.

Werner Corryvrecken 2 Piece Paddle - Fiber Glass Blades/Straight Fiber Glass Shaft

The Werner Corryvrecken is a comfortable, durable, and affordable high-angle touring paddle.

Werner Little Dipper Paddle - Glass Blade - Bent Shaft

The Little Dipper paddle is Werners smallest paddle with a low angle touring design. Werners neutral bent shaft naturally aligns your wrist with the blade reducing stress and creating a more comfortable paddle stroke.

Werner Little Dipper Paddle - Glass Blade - Straight Shaft

The Little Dipper paddle is Werners smallest kayak paddle with a low angle touring design. The smaller blades pull easily through a stroke putting less strain on joints making it the popular choice of smaller paddlers.



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