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Kokatat Gore-Tex Paclite Pullover - Unisex

The Kokatat Gore-Tex Paclite Pullover is the perfect shell for kayakers who want the waterproof, breathable comfort of Gore-Tex but dont need the technicality of an expedition-level jacket.

Kokatat Gore-Tex Pullover Jacket

Kokatat made the Gore-Tex Pullover Jacket for rafting, sea kayaking, and canoe trips where the water comes at you in the form of breaking waves or torrential rain.

Kokatat Gore-Tex TecTour Anorak - Unisex

The Kokatat Gore-Tex TecTOUR Anorak is the ultimate technical touring jacket, keeping you warm and dry in any condition.

Kokatat Tropos Re-Action Jacket

The Kokatat Tropos Re-Action Jacket includes a double-layer waist gasket to fit with your spray skirt and increase water-resistance for both sea and whitewater kayaking.

NRS Endurance Jacket - Men's

The NRS Mens Endurance Splash Jacket keeps you dry with a fully seam-taped WaveTex nylon shell as you battle through another rapid.

NRS Endurance Jacket - Women's

Thanks to fully seam-taped, breathable WaveTex fabric, the NRS Womens Endurance Splash Jacket keeps you from getting soaked by waves, and it reduces the clammy feeling you get with other jackets.

NRS Na Pali Touring Jacket

Three-layer waterproof breathable TriTon fabric gives the NRS Na Pali Touring Jacket the performance to take on rough water and nasty weather on big lakes and the ocean coastlines.

NRS Stampede Jacket

The last thing you want when youre paddling is a stiff jacket constricting your every move, but you need a waterproof breathable layer for windy, wet days on the water. Slip on the NRS Stampede ... more info.

Patagonia Lolita PFD

Patagonia made the Lolita PFD for whitewater kayakers with short torsos.

Patagonia Skanorak Jacket

Layer the waterproof Patagonia Mens Skanorak Jacket over or under your PFD for protection from spray and rain as you paddle.

Stohlquist Splashdown Shorty Spray Jacket - Unisex

The Stohlquist Splashdown Shorty Spray Jacket keeps water off your core while keeping your arms bare so you dont overheat while youre paddling your sea kayak.

Stohlquist Splashdown ST Spray Jacket with Hood - Unisex

Youre out for a full day of kayaking, and it starts pouring down rain early in the afternoon. Good thing you have the Stohlquist Splashdown ST Hooded Spray Jacket to keep you dry.

Kokatat Gore-Tex Boater's Pants

The Kokatat Boaters Pants use fully seam-taped Gore-Tex Paclite fabric to keep you bone dry on trips where you fully expect over-the-head breaking waves or pouring rain.

Kokatat Gore-Tex Deluxe Boater Pant

Cold water in your cockpit cant creep beyond the durable exterior of the Kokatat Gore-Tex Deluxe Boater Pant.

NRS Endurance Pants

The NRS Endurance Pants waterproof breathable WaveTex material and neoprene cuffs help keep you dry when waves pour into your raft or sit-on-top kayak.

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