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Nordic tuning: Keep your Nordic Gear tuned throughout the season with the gear below.  Wax and tune your Nordic classic and skate skis for optimal performance in training and racing.

DAKINE Pocket Stone

The medium-grit DAKINE Pocket Stone comes along in its carry pouch for on-the-hill detuning and deburring.

DAKINE Quick Tune

The Quick Tune Kit from DAKINE has all the gear you need for a midday pit stop to get your boards back in top notch shape.

DAKINE Triangle Scraper

Waxing is easy. Scraping sucks. Make it a bit easier on yourself by using the DAKINE Triangle Scraper.

Swix 200 grit Maintenance Stone

Keep the Swix Coarse 200-grit Maintenance Stone in your pocket for a little tool thats great for maintaining edge sharpness and removing burrs.

Swix Cross Country Profile Travel Kit

Load the Swix Cross Country Profile Travel Kit in with your ski gear and tune your skis anywhere you like. At just under 4lbs, the Cross Country Profile Travel Kit travels easy and ensures optimal ... more info.

Swix Pro Plexi Sharpener w/ Longer File

Keep your plexi scraper sharp and ready to go with the Swix Pro Plexi Sharpener. At 86mm, this scraper gives you a firm grip, so you dont have to bolt it down to your work bench.

Swix Professional Chrome File

The Swix Professional Chrome File is a durable file you can use for sharpening your ski or snowboard edges.

Swix Side Edge File Guide - Racing

Clamp your file onto the Swix Side Edge File Guide and get an exact bevel on your alpine or cross country skis.

Swix Snowboard Plexi Scraper

Waxing your board wont to much good if you leave excess wax on it. The Swix Snowboard Plexi Scraper removes any excess material.

Swix Snowboard Vise

The Swix Snowboard Vice turns almost any table or workbench into a waxing table, just try not to get wax on the dining room floor. Simply clamp the two vises to the table at an appropriate distance, ... more info.

Swix Steel Brush

Before you wax, use the Swix Steel Structure Brush to prep your base.

Swix Synthetic Cork

The Swix Synthetic Cork is a long-lasting cork great for creating a super fast base. Cork in your wax and youre good to go.

Swix T72 Waxing Iron

Waxing is tedious enough without having an iron that wont stay at the right temperature. Thanks to an extra-thick heating plate and integrated heating elements, the Swix T72 Waxing Iron maintains a ... more info.

Swix Waste Bag Holder

Keep the P-Tex curlies and wax shavings off of your clean workroom floor with the Swix Waste Bag Holder.

Swix Waxing Apron

Your Kiss the Cook apron might seem funny to you, but it embarrasses everyone else. The Swix Waxing Apron has pockets for your scrapers and protects your cool duds from wax

Swix Waxing Iron Cover

The Swix Iron Cover protects your iron while on the road and prevents it from getting wax all over the rest of your gear.

Swix Waxing Iron Holder

The Swix Waxing Iron Holder mounts to your waxing table or workbench and holds your iron while its not in use. You dont need to worry about knocking your expensive iron to the garage floor when youre ... more info.

Swix Waxing Table

Whether youre setting up in a shack course-side or in your garage, the Swix Wax Table is an easy, convenient place to wax your skis.

Swix Waxing Table - Racing

Head out to the garage, plug in the iron and put the Swix Waxing table to some good use while you avoid helping with the Thanksgiving dinner aftermath.

Swix Waxing Table Bag

Slip your waxing table into the Swix Waxing Table Bag and drive over to your friends garage for a communal tunage.

Swix Waxing Table Bag - Racing

Load your Swix Racing Wax Table in the Swix Racing Waxing Table Bag and either store you gear for the summer, or move shop for the evening.

Toko Base Brush Combi Nylon/Copper

Get the Toko Base Brush Combi Nylon/Copper if you like tuning your skis at home instead of leaving them to a shop.

Toko DMT Diamond File

The Toko DMT Diamond File is the final step in tuning your edges. Its also effective for a de-burring job after using a machine or stone grinder.

Toko Edge Grinding Rubber

Use the Toko Edge Grinding Rubber to remove burrs and corrosion from ski and snowboard edges.

Toko Nordic Ski Support

The Toko Nordic Ski Support attaches to your three-part ski vise to make it a solid waxing platform for Nordic skis.

Toko Scraper Sharpener

When your wax scraper gets blunt, sharpen it with the Toko Scraper Sharpener.

Toko Spare File M for Ergo Plus - 80 mm

The Toko Spare File M for Ergo Plus lets you fine tune both the side and base edges of your skis as a spare file to the Ergo Plus tuner.

Toko Universal Edge Grinder

The Toko Universal Edge Grinder is a special grinding stone made for working on alpine ski and snowboard edges.

Toko World Cup File Chrome M - 150 mm

A hard chrome surface, optimal tooth size, and long lifespan make Tokos World Cup Chrome M Files the choice of professional tuners.

Toko World Cup File Chrome M - 200 mm

A hard chrome surface, optimal tooth size, and long lifespan make Tokos World Cup Chrome M Files the choice of professional tuners.

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