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Select a PFD with a comfortable fit with a full range motion which is critical for adventure racing as well as a secure fit to ensure the PFD remains in the correct position in white water. Adventure races require U.S. Coast Guard approved Class III personal floatation devices [life vest] which are typically sold for use in kayaking, rafting, and canoeing. Look for the ability to easily attach a knife and whistle--often mandatory gear requirements for white water paddling segments of an adventure race.

Extrasport Gauge Life Jacket

Extrasport made the Gauge Life Jacket with large arm holes and a low profile, so this safety vest wont get in the way of your paddling.

Extrasport Osprey Life Jacket

Extrasport made the Osprey Life Jacket with a thinner lower-back section, so the jacket wont keep riding up as you concentrate on your cast. Tons of front pockets hold a vast majority of your ... more info.

Extrasport Pro Creeker Life Jacket

The Extrasport Pro Creeker Life Jacket uses an easy-adjust system and gliding foam panels for un-restricted movement on the water, and in case you need a hand, this jacket also has a Swiftwater ... more info.

Extrasport Riptide Life Jacket

You want a life jacket that has low-profile shoulder straps, not one that surrounds your neck and shoulders like an inflated turtleneck. The Extrasport Riptide Life Jackets sleek straps and low-cut ... more info.

Extrasport Striper Life Jacket

Extrasport made the Striper Life Jacket with mesh on the shoulders, sides, and lower back so you dont overheat, and seven pockets on the front for your fishing gear.

Extrasport Sturgeon Life Jacket

A litany of pockets keeps you locked and loaded while youre out fishing on the water, and the Extrasport Sturgeon Life Jackets low-profile design and heat-managing mesh panels add cool comfort.

Extrasport Universal HiFloat Life Jacket

Thanks to crazy buoyancy and a comfortable Glidefit, the Extrasport Universal HiFloat Life Jacket keeps you above the water line without that Im-encased-in-a-block-of-styrofoam feeling.

Extrasport Volks Jr. Life Jacket - Youth

Keep your little one safe out on the water with the Extrasport Volks Jr. Life Jacket.

Kokatat Bahia Tour Life Jacket

Kokatat designed the Bahia Tour Life Vest for anything from kayak-based fishing to paddling through a chain of lakes.

Kokatat MsFit Tour Life Jacket - Women's

Kokatat designed the MsFit Tour Womens Life Jacket to give you excellent comfort on long sea kayaking trips and all the pockets you need to access items quickly.

Kokatat Orbit Tour Life Jacket

The low-profile pull-over Kokatat Orbit Tour Life Jacket offers unconstrained mobility for kayaking and rafting.

Kokatat OutFit Tour Life Jacket

The Kokatat OutFit Tour Life Jacket is extremely low profile and uniquely adjusts to allow maximum freedom of movement. Copious reflective tape and plenty of pockets make this vest a great touring ... more info.

Kokatat Ronin Life Vest

The Kokatat Ronin Life Vest includes full-length spinal protection and padded shoulders to help you make it through a nasty swim in a rocky river.

Kokatat Sea O2 Life Vest

Pulling on the Kokatat Sea O2 Life Vest front tab releases a CO2 cartridge into the hidden internal air chamber and inflates this PFD for added flotation.

NRS Chinook Life Jacket

NRS added ten front pockets to the Chinook Life Jacket, so you can keep every speck of tackle available on your next fishing trip.

NRS Clearwater Life Jacket

NRS added a ventilated back panel to their popular Clearwater Life Jacket for increased comfort and decreased bulk.

NRS Vista Life Jacket

The NRS Vista Life Jacket includes large pockets and excellent flotation for a safe river trip and comes at a low cost that leaves you money for the shuttle. Plus this PFD is PVC-free.

NRS Youth Vista Life Jacket - Kids'

Keep your kid safe on the rivers and lakes with the NRS Youth Vista Life Jacket. Seven adjustment points provide a comfortable, secure fit while your kid kayaks or hangs out on the river raft.

Stohlquist aSEA Life Jacket

The Stohlquist aSEA Life Jacket has a high-ride waist and has a mesh lower back to keep flotation from interfering with the seats on sea kayaks.

Stohlquist BetSEA Life Jacket - Women's

The low-profile Stohlquist BetSEA Womens Life Jacket has contoured cups in the chest for an excellent feminine fit unlike the bulky PFDs youve been suffering with during kayaking trips.

Stohlquist Brik Life Jacket

When you toss yourself into churning swirls of thundering whitewater for fun, the Stohlquist Brik Life Jacket keeps you afloat if it comes time to bail.

Stohlquist DRIFTer Life Jacket

For paddlers seeking a comfortable, low-profile PFD, the Stohlquist DRIFTer Life Jacket fits the bill perfectly.

Stohlquist eSCAPE Life Jacket - Men's

The Stohlquist eSCAPE Life Jacket is for paddlers whod rather spend their money on gas to get to the water than drop it all on a new PFD.

Stohlquist Fisherman Life Jacket

It doesnt take a lot of guesses to find what Stohlquist designed the FISHERMAN Life Jacket for. They gave this comfy PFD angler-specific features to help you land a big one.

Stohlquist FLOWTer Life Jacket

If you need a high-quality PFD for sea kayaking and dont want to drop a lot of dough, the Stohlquist FLOWTer Life Jacket is an excellent choice.

Stohlquist GETaWAY Life Jacket

Stohlquist created the GETaWAY Life Jacket to give recreational paddlers a comfortable fit and storage pocket for all their goodies.

Stohlquist Wedge-e Life Jacket

The Stohlquist WEDGE-E Life Jackets low-profile design allows full freedom of movement when you need it for a class-V rapid.

America's Cup Express - Toddler

Type II PFD. A cost effective PFD for toddlers. Includes a heads-up support pillow.

Astral Bella™ PFD

Type III You don't want to feel like you're in a straight jacket; you need to be able to move. The Astral Bella™ PFD is so comfortable and flexible you could do yoga in it.

Astral Greenjacket™ PFD

Type V The Astral Greenjacket™ introduces a new level of comfort and fit into the world of whitewater rescue. It's a great PFD for any rescue, guiding or expedition setting.

Astral Grunion™ PFD

Type III: Astral Grunion™, a PFD for the serious sea kayaker. Unique molded pockets, lots of attachment points and reflective taping. Natural kapok front flotation for comfort. You'll love it.

Astral Norge PFD

Type III: Extreme comfort, essential features and the addition of an evolutionary foam alternative - earth friendly kapok all combine to make the Norge an outstanding jacket.

Astral Tempo 200 PFD

Type III: For those who prefer the ease of a front-entry PFD, without sacrificing any of the features of a top of the line life jacket. The Astral Tempo 200's ergonomic design is an Astral Classic.

Astral V-Eight™ PFD

Type III Breathing is good. PFDs help us stay afloat so we can here's a PFD that can also breathe. Astral's V-Eight™ with Airescape technology vents naturally for unparalleled ... more info.

Astral Willis™ PFD

The ultimate in comfort for your kayak & sailing action adventure. Astral's Willis PFD incorporates Freestyle Tectonic panels that conform to your body and move when you move.

Astral Women's Abba PFD

Type III: Extreme comfort, essential features and the addition of an evolutionary foam alternative - earth friendly kapok all combine to make the Women's Abba an outstanding jacket.

Astral Women's Wonderjacket 200 PFD

Type III: A full-featured PFD tailored specifically for women. This jacket emphasizes fit, function, safety, and durability for active women paddlers.

Extrasport B22 Life Jacket

Type III PFD. This is the lowest-profile jacket Extrasport makes with this much flotation. You'll enjoy unrestricted arm movement, thanks to the deep-cut arm holes and the comfort of soft neoprene ... more info.

Extrasport Child's PFD with Collar

Type II PFD.The Extrasport Child's PFD will help keep a child face-up in calm water, and it comes with a grab loop to aid in pulling him or her from the water. Includes leg strap to prevent ride up.

Extrasport Inlet Jr PFD

Protect the young boater in your life with the Extrasport Inlet Jr PFD. A quality life jacket with lots of flotation, reflective trim and rugged ripstop fabric for "kid-proof" durability.

Extrasport Riverine PFD

Type III: The Extrasport Riverine PFD is a comfortable, easily adjustable life jacket for weekend adventurers and day-trippers, alike. PVC-Free Gaia foam is easy on the environment.

Extrasport Striper Fishing PFD

You're safe in the Extrasport Striper - the fish aren't. Seven pockets for all the loose stuff, D-rings everywhere. Mesh to keep you cool and reflective tape and trim to keep you visible.

Extrasport Sturgeon Fishing PFD

The sturgeon is an ancient fish. The Extrasport Sturgeon PFD is a modern, innovative fisherman's life jacket. Lots of cool features for the angler in search of a bass, a trout or an ancient fish.

Extrasport Swiftwater Fury

Type V PFD. A favorite of guides and rescue units, the Extrasport Swiftwater Fury offers a 22 lbs. design flotation and all the rescue features in a mobility-enhancing design.

Extrasport Swiftwater Ranger

Type V PFD. The Extrasport Swiftwater Ranger has the highest flotation available in a rescue vest. It's a top choice for search and rescue squads and big-water professionals.

Extrasport Tow Tether

Super-strong tether to be used as a tow line when clipped into the rescue ring on Swiftwater PFDs. Available in both long and short versions.

Extrasport Universal Rescuer

Type V rescue PFD. The Extrasport Universal Rescuer is a full-featured PFD that's built tough for the tough jobs that need to be done. 22 lbs of flotation, rescue belt, four lash tabs, two pockets, ... more info.

Extrasport UT3 PFD

The Extrasport UT3 PFD is a real workhorse. Universal sizing, buckle front entry and rugged Cordura fabric means you've got a life jacket that will fit 'em all and last for years.

Extrasport UT5 Gorge

Type III/V PFD. The Extrasport UT5 Gorge is a comfortable commercial-grade PFD made to withstand the rigors and trials of extended recreational boating. Flotation collar for head protection and 25 ... more info.

Extrasport Volksvest Life Jacket

Whitewater protection doesn't need to be complicated; the Extrasport Volksvest is a straightforward Type III PFD at an affordable price.

Extrasport Volksvest Life Jacket

Whitewater protection doesn't need to be complicated; the Extrasport Volksvest is a straightforward Type III PFD at an affordable price.

Extrasport Volksvest Youth Life Jackets

Whitewater protection doesn't need to be complicated; the Extrasport Volksvest is a straightforward Type III PFD at an affordable price.

Extrasport Women's Ebb PFD

Type III: Extrasport has sculpted the chest foam in their Ebb PFD to conform to a woman's body, but guys will also like the RetroGlide fit, two huge chest pockets, reflective trim and low profile.

Kokatat Bahia Tour PFD

The Bahia is the creme de la creme of touring PFDs. Kokatat went all out on this vest, pockets galore and lash tabs are just the beginning. Perfect for touring the world or paddling your local lake.

Kokatat MsFIT PFD

Kokatat's MsFit PFD is perfect for him or her. With anatomically cut foam panels and generous arm holes, this life jacket will be comfortable for days of boating.

Kokatat MsFIT Tour PFD

The Kokatat MsFit Tour life jacket is the perfect PFD for your boating needs. All the bells and whistles - pockets, reflective tape, strobe holder, shaped foam. Comfortable for men and women alike.

Kokatat OutFIT PFD

Kokatat's "basic" life vest has not-so-basic features! The OutFit front entry PFD is comfortable, tough and sports a lash tab and two pockets. This incorporates all you need in this "basic" jacket.

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