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I am a firm believer in training how you will race and this philosophy extends to the kayaking discipline in adventure racing. About four years ago I bought a tandem sit-on top kayak in order to train under similar conditions and with my partner. While the Ocean Kayak I train with is not an exact match to the Aire Tom Cats used by Adventure Xstream--they are close enough and it allows training on stroke synchronization and team work especially required in the white water sections of the Buena Vista Adventure race.

The end of summer is a great time to purchase a kayak [I have bought and/or traded-up two of my three kayaks during this time period] because dealers are trying to clear their inventory and are willing to make great deals.

Dagger Approach Series Kayak

Want a craft thatll handle both light rapids and paddles on the lake? Grab the Dagger 9-foot or 10-foot Approach Series Kayak.

Dagger Blackwater II 13.5 Kayak

Take the Dagger Blackwater II 13.5 Tandem Kayak out for a day trip with a friend, or slide the front seat back and transform the Blackwater into an overnight-worthy solo boat.

Dagger Blackwater Series Kayak

Daggers Blackwater Series Kayak gives you three boats to choose froma smaller size boat for kids, a recreational boat for beginner or intermediate paddlers, or a more stable kayak for fishermen.

Heritage Kayaks Featherlite 12 Deluxe Kayak

The molded skeg on the Heritage Kayaks Featherlite 12 Deluxe Kayak means its actually possible to paddle in a straight line (no more desperate zig-zagging while your paddling partner smoothly darts ... more info.

Heritage Kayaks Featherlite 14 Deluxe Kayak

The Heritage Kayaks FeatherLite 14 Deluxe Kayaks large cockpit accommodates long legs and overnight gear, while the comfy seat and knee pads cushion your ride.

Heritage Kayaks FeatherLite 14 Tandem Kayak

Thanks to a molded skeg, the Heritage Kayaks FeatherLite 14 Tandem Kayak tracks well, so you and your paddling partner dont end up constantly zigzagging instead of going straight.

Heritage Kayaks RedFish 10 Kayak

Youre not looking for the woolly mammoth of kayaks. Rather, youd prefer a short kayak so you can zip around and sneak into small fishing spots. Grab the Heritage Kayaks RedFish 10 Kayak.

Heritage Kayaks RedFish 12 Kayak

If youre looking for a stable sit-on-top kayak for paddling and sunning on the lake, check out the Heritage Kayaks RedFish 12 Kayak.

Heritage Kayaks RedFish 14 Angler Fishing Kayak w/ Rudder

The Heritage Kayaks RedFish 14 Angler Fishing Kayak w/Rudder slips through the water like a silent predator and equips you with rod holders and an anchor package.

Native Watercraft Manta Ray 11 Kayak

The sleek V-hull design of the Native Watercraft Manta Ray 11 Kayak cuts through water like a samurai sword through sake.smoothly along the shoreinstead of running erratically into the bank.

Native Watercraft Marvel 10 Recreational Kayak

Paddling on open waters or in shallow inlets can be wonderfully relaxing, unless your back and butt are ridiculously sore. Thanks to an adjustable seat and thigh pads in the Native Watercraft Marvel ... more info.

Native Watercraft Marvel 12 Recreational Kayak

Slide the adjustable seat back on the Native Watercraft Marvel 12 Recreational Kayak to make room for your pup, hop in, adjust the foot braces, and set out on a water adventure that doesnt leave your ... more info.

Native Watercraft Ulitimate 9.5 Kayak

Jump in the Native Watercraft Ultimate 9.5 Kayak when you head out for a solo day on the water. Native Watercraft gave this kayak the First Class Seat which keeps you comfortable while youre out for ... more info.

Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 Angler Kayak

The Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 Angler Kayak comes with an anchor trolley system that allows you to slide the trolley up or down the length of your boat for 360-degree rotation.

Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 Kayak

The Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 Kayak has a unique hull designwhen you look at the Ultimate head-on, it appears to be a combination pontoon and kayak.

Necky Chatham 16 Kayak

The Necky Chatham 16 Kayaks retractable skeg and full-chined hull both help with smooth tracking and less side-slipping as you paddle in a crosswind or rough coastal waters.

Necky Eliza Kayak

Necky designed the Eliza Kayak specifically for women paddlers looking to tour in a lightweight, maneuverable kayak. Pull the rudder down and track smoothly through wind and waves.

Necky Looksha 12 Kayak

Necky built the Looksha 12 Kayak with a durable PolyLite material and a high-volume bow.

Necky Looksha 12 Si Kayak

Necky specially designed the Looksha 12 Si Kayak with sized-down cockpit dimensions for kids and smaller paddlers who might have trouble with standard-sized boats.

Necky Manitou 13 Kayak

Enjoy the feel and glide of a longer touring boat paired with the stability and comfort of a recreational boat when you paddle the Necky Manitou 13 Kayak.

Necky Manitou 14 Kayak

Hop in the Necky Manitou 14 Kayak and bring your paddling skills to the next level without giving up the stability and comfort of a recreational boat.

Necky Manitou II Tandem Kayak - 2008

Grab a paddling partner and head down to the river with Neckys Manitou 2 Tandem Kayak. The Manitou 2 glides like a touring kayak with the stability and comfort of a recreational kayak.

Necky Manitou Sport Kayak

Necky combines the stability of a recreational kayak with the smooth-tracking qualities of a sea kayak in its easy-to-handle Manitou Sport Kayak.

Ocean Kayak Kea Kayak - Kids' - Sit-On-Top

Your kid wants his or her own kayak, and frankly, youd be relieved not to have to paddle a tandem (trying to steer with that rascal in front would be less than ideal). Go for the Ocean Kayak Kids ... more info.

Ocean Kayak Malibu 2 Tandem Kayak

Go spend a day out on the water with a buddy and enjoy the scenery, sun, and wildlife in the sit-on-top Ocean Kayaks Malibu 2 Tandem Kayak.

Ocean Kayak Mysto Kayak - Sit-On-Top

While many surf sit-on-top kayaks leave your back and butt to fend for themselves, the Ocean Kayak Mysto Sit-On-Top Kayak comes with a Comfort Plus seat back.

Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game Kayak - Sit-On-Top

If you look at most kayaks and think, Wow, that looks narrow, is that really going to be stable enough? Because my gosh are you sure that isnt a kids kayak? then youll be super stoked on the wide, ... more info.

Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident 15 Kayak - Sit-On-Top

Hop in the Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident 15 Kayak and slip stealthily through the water. This sit-on-tops long length and stable width make for a smooth, track-easy ride whether youre out finding fish ... more info.

Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 Kayak

When the surfs up, hop in the Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 Kayak and catch a few waves. When the waters calm, stash your tackle box in the oversized tank well and find some fish.

Ocean Kayak Scrambler Kayak

You dont want to paddle a kayak the size of a gargantuan barge across the lake or along the shore. Hop into the Ocean Kayak Scrambler Kayak and enjoy a smooth, sturdy boat that doesnt take a mile to ... more info.

Ocean Kayak Yak Board Kayak

The Ocean Kayak Yak Board is a sit-on-top kayak designed for playing in the ocean surf.

Old Town Adventure 125 XL Touring Kayak

Lets say you want a kayak for mid-length day excursions. Maybe youre new to kayaking, or you have a quite a few trips under your belt. Either way, the Old Town Adventure 125 XL Touring Kayak looks ... more info.

Old Town Adventure 139 XL Kayak

If you think the 139 in the Old Town Adventure 139 XL Kayak stands for 139 good reasons to get on the water, youre partly right. Mostly it stands for 13ft 9in, which is the length of this extra-roomy ... more info.

Old Town Cayuga 110 Kayak

The Old Town Cayuga 110 Kayak turns quickly down winding inlets, while the stern hatch stores lunch. A ridge along the length of the hull creates a stable profile for ocean and large lake paddling.

Old Town Cayuga 130 Kayak

A ridge along the hull of the Old Town Cayuga 130 Kayak provides stability in choppy waters, while the bow and stern hatches store lunch, extra layers, and camera equipment.

Old Town Dirigo 106 Kayak

If you dont feel like tackling whitewater or a week-long tour, then try out the Old Town Dirigo 106 Kayak for a boat that can handle a day trip or casual paddle.

Old Town Dirigo 120 Kayak

Paddle across the lake or along the seashore in the Old Town Dirigo 120 Kayak. This super-stable recreational kayak gives you a comfortable, relaxing ride on the water.

Old Town Dirigo 140 Kayak

Cant stand the thought of leaving Fido at home when you go out to paddle for the day? Bring him along when you paddle the Old Town Dirigo 140 Kayak.

Old Town Dirigo Tandem Plus Kayak

Youre a seasoned paddler whod love to take a partner out for a tour through the Topock Gorge, around the lake, or on a coastal exploration. Choose the Old Town Dirigo Tandem Plus Kayak as your ... more info.

Old Town Vapor 12 Kayak

The Old Town Vapor 12 Kayaks stable design makes non-dock-boarding a pleasant experience instead of entertainment for all your buddies on shore, and the twelve-foot length helps with straight ... more info.

Old Town Vapor 12 S Kayak

Wearing bulky man-sweaters and skiing on huge, heavy guys skis is a drag. So is paddling an unwieldy kayak built for a lumberjack. The Old Town Vapor 12 S Kayak has a slim width for the smaller ... more info.

Perception Acadia II 14.0 Tandem Kayak

The Perception Acadia II 14.0 Tandem Kayak is a sleek family craft. A removable kids seat means you can take your little one along.

Perception Acadia Series Kayaks

Perception designed the Acadia Series Kayaks with a wide, stable hull that feels ultra-solid for a paddle across the lake or through the harbor.

Perception Carolina 12.0 Kayak

Perception made the Carolina 12.0 Kayak with a comfy, adjustable seat and a hull design that glides across lakes and feels stable on coastal explorations.

Perception Carolina 14.0 Kayak w/ Rudder

Enjoy a smooth, stable day of paddling with the Perception Carolina 14 Kayak w/ Rudder. An adjustable seat and padded knee bracing options take the hurt out of full-day paddles.

Perception Essence Series Kayak

A multi-position, retractable skeg on the Perception Essence Series Kayak adds stability on windy or choppy days, so this kayak tracks smoothly without feeling like itll tip over if you sneeze.

Perception Prodigy 10.0 Kayak

Sometimes you look at a recreational kayak and it just a barebones hull and a hard plastic seat. Not the Perception Kayaks Prodigy Kayak.

Perception Search Series Kayaks

Perception introduced the sit-on-top Search Series Kayaks to give recreational paddlers a stable, easy-to-handle boat that keeps the smile on your face all day.

Perception Tribute 12.0 Airalite Kayak - Women's

Perception made the Womens Tribute 12.0 Airalite Kayak out of (surprise!) Airalite material. So the Tribute is stiffer and sleeker than a rotomolded plastic boat, has better impact-resistance than a ... more info.

Perception Tribute 12.0 Kayak - Women's

You can wear a mans pants, but they feel awkward, baggy, and its hard to maneuver in them. The Perception Womens Tribute 12.0 Kayak wont fit like your favorite slim jeans, but this kayak does ... more info.

Wilderness Systems Pamlico 100 Recreational Kayak

If youre of the, Well, youre the smallest one here, so you get to be on the top level of our team-building person-pyramid, adult size, then check out the Wilderness Systems Pamlico 100 Recreational ... more info.


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