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If you are looking at a new kayak or trading-up, the end of summer is a great time to purchase a kayak [I have bought and/or traded-up two of my three kayaks during this time period] because dealers are trying to clear their inventory and are willing to make great deals.

Dagger Approach 9.0 Kayak

The Dagger Approach 9.0 Kayak is sized for small adults and kids who want to get into paddling.

Dagger Axis 10.5 Kayak

The Dagger Axis 10.5 is the ultimate boat for the diverse paddler who likes to paddle from quiet lakes, to quick-moving rivers, and right out to the ocean with frequency.

Dagger Axis 12.0 Kayak

The Dagger Axis 12.0 Kayak is the ideal boat for the multi-use paddler.

Dagger Kaos 10.2 Kayak

The Dagger Kaos 10.2 is a kayak that traces its roots to the longboards of yesteryear.

Emotion Kayaks Advant-Edge Kayak

Emotion designed the Advant-Edge Kayak with a hybrid design that offers an ideal mix of speed and stability.

Emotion Kayaks Comet 110 Kayak

Paddlers of all sizes can confidently explore the local harbor or shores of the local lakes thanks to the stable design of the Emotion Comet 110 Kayak.

Heritage Kayaks Featherlite 12 Kayak

Enjoy an early morning paddle, and toss a line in the water from the roomy cockpit of your 12-foot-long Heritage Featherlite 12 Kayak.

Heritage Kayaks FeatherLite 9.5 Kayak

If you love being on the water, but you're not terribly fond of that if-I-move-I'm-going-to-tip-over feeling, grab the Heritage Kayaks FeatherLite 9.5 Recreational Kayak.

Liquidlogic Kayaks Remix 69 Kayak

The Liquid Logic Remix 69 Kayak is the ideal boat for everything from steep technical creeks to big-volume rivers.

Liquidlogic Kayaks Remix XP10 Kayak

In order to make the Remix XP10 Kayak the ultimate crossover boat, Liquid Logic balanced the rocker of the whitewater-inspired hull shape with an integrated drop-down skeg for tracking, and added a stern hatch that swallows up a weekend's worth of ... more info.

Liquidlogic Kayaks Remix XP9 Kayak

Liquid Logic is turning the big one-oh this year, and to celebrate, it tweaked out its innovative crossover Remix XP9 Kayak with funky new graphics and an eye-catching deck.

Native Watercraft Inuit 13.5 Kayak

Why would you choose the Native Watercraft Inuit 13.5 Kayak over any other open-water boat'

Native Watercraft Marvel 10 Kayak

Paddling on open waters or in shallow inlets can be wonderfully relaxing, unless your back and butt are ridiculously sore. Thanks to an adjustable seat and thigh pads in the Native Watercraft Marvel 10 Recreational Kayak, you'll have a comfortable ... more info.

Native Watercraft Marvel 12 Recreational Kayak

When you sit in the Native Watercraft Marvel 12 Recreational Kayak, you'll be psyched to be spending time on the water.

Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 Kayak

The Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 Kayak has a unique hull designwhen you look at the Ultimate head-on, it appears to be a combination pontoon and kayak.

Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5 Solo Kayak w/ Rudder

As part of Native Watercraft's Hybrid line, the Ultimate 14.5 Solo opens up plenty of possibilitiesnot to mention extra space.

Native Watercraft Ultimate 9.5 Kayak

Jump in the Native Watercraft Ultimate 9.5 Kayak when you head out for a solo day on the water. Native Watercraft gave this kayak the First Class Seat which keeps you comfortable while you're out for long periods.

Necky Manitou Sport Kayak

You dig the quiet and serenity that comes with paddling seamlessly through open water. Slip into the Necky Manitou Sport Kayak and glide peacefully toward the horizon.

Necky Rip Kayak

Necky built the Rip Kayak to make learning to paddle fun. Designed with lively, quick handling, the Rip takes the blah-blah-boring out of recreational kayaks.

Old Town Camden 106 Kayak

At ten and a half feet, the Old Town Camden 106 Kayak offers a luxuriously smooth ride and plenty of essential storage for a day exploring the water.

Old Town Camden 120 Kayak

A fall or summer paddle should be an opportunity to explore and relax. Hit the water in the smooth-riding Old Town Camden 120 Kayak and make your day on the water one to remember.

Old Town Dirigo XT 106 Kayak

The smaller size of the Old Town Dirigo XT 106 Kayak is ideal for transporting between bodies of water.

Old Town Dirigo XT 120 Kayak

The Old Town Dirigo XT 120 Kayak was put together to provide you a comfortable experience while you float the cold rivers of Northern Maine.

Old Town Dirigo XT 140 Kayak

Old Town updated the Dirigo XT 140 Kayak for 2011 to include a Click Seal Bulkhead system that forms a one-click watertight seal between your gear and the outside world.

Old Town Otter Plus Kayak

It'd be nice to have a kayak that you and the kids can use on the ocean and lake, but you also need to save some funds for the whole getting-to-the-water part. Welcome to the Old Town Otter XT Kayak.

Old Town Vapor 10 Kayak

Hauling a Moby Dick-sized kayak around isn't easy, or fun. The Old Town Vapor 10 Kayak mixes stability and comfort in an easy-to-handle ten-foot craft.

Old Town Vapor 10 XT Kayak

The Vapor 10XT gives you the stability you need to have a fun workout without worrying about getting dumped into the lake.

Old Town Vapor 12 S Kayak

Wearing bulky man-sweaters and skiing on huge, heavy guy's skis is a drag. So is paddling an unwieldy kayak built for a lumberjack. The Old Town Vapor 12 S Kayak has a slim width for the smaller paddlers of the world.

Old Town Vapor 12 XTS Kayak

The Old Town Vaopr 12 XTS kayak's stable design works well whether it's your first or your fifth season out on the water, and the adjustable seat and stern storage accommodate your back, butt, and gear for day trips on the lake or a paddle down a ... more info.

Perception Acadia 11.5 Kayaks

Perception designed the Acadia Series Kayaks with a wide, stable hull that feels ultra-solid for a paddle across the lake or through the harbor.

Perception Impulse 10.0 Kayak

A family-friendly boat with enough rigging to keep the sportsman happy, the Perception Impulse 10.0 Kayak cruises smoothly on lakes or slow-moving water.

Perception Prodigy 10.0 Kayak

From lakes to slow-moving rivers the Perception Prodigy 10.0 Kayak handles it all in a compact package. Easy to toss on top of the car and easy to paddle, this compact boat won't break the bank to get you on the water.

Wilderness Systems Commander 120 Kayak

The Wilderness Systems Commander 120 Kayak offers the stability of a canoe and the maneuverability of a kayak during your next paddle into the wide-open landscape of your lake.

Wilderness Systems Commander 140 Kayak

Whether your ticket to enjoying nature is a full cooler, a four-legged friend, or a long-zoom lens, itas valid on the Wilderness Systems Commander 140 Kayak.

Wilderness Systems Pamlico 100 Recreational Kayak

Small enough for younger paddlers or smaller adults the Wilderness Systems Pamlico 100 Recreational Kayak provides a stable float that's easy to control.

Wilderness Systems Pamlico 120 Recreational Kayak

When the sun cracks the horizon, jump into the Wilderness Systems Pamlico 120 Recreational Kayak and immerse yourself in the tranquility of floating on liquid.

Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T Kayak w/Rudder

The simple, relatively accessory-free Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T Kayak w/ Rudder is an easy-to-steer vessel with ample cockpit space for one or two paddlers.

Wilderness Systems Pungo 100 Kayak

Smaller paddlers will enjoy a smooth, balanced ride on the pond in the Wilderness Systems Pungo 100 Kayak.

Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak

Take the Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak out on lakes, rivers, and calm ocean waters. This twelve-foot kayak gives you an ideal blend of stability and maneuverability that let you go anywhere your arms can take you.

Wilderness Systems Pungo 140 Kayak

If you take pride in not being a toothpick-sized water warrior and revel in a luxurious cockpit during a tour, look no further than the Wilderness Systems Pungo 140 Kayak.


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