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Thule Canoe Carrier

The Thule Canoe Carrier is a set of bookend style padded cradles that give your canoes gunwales a soft place to sit. The included set of ratcheting tie downs makes mounting your canoe up quick and ... more info.

Thule Glide & Set - 2 saddles

Thules Glide & Set is a combination of their Set-to-Go [THU0026] and Hydro Glide [THU0025] saddles, along with two ratcheting tie-down straps.

Thule Hang Two Surf Carrier

Thules Hang Two Surf Carrier is an indispensable accessory to protect your precious board in transit.

Thule Hull-a-port Kayak Carrier

The Thule Hull-a-port Kayak Carriers proven J-style design allows easy loading and takes up minimal roof space, so you can still squeeze in your cargo box.

Thule Hull-a-port Pro Folding Kayak Carrier

The Thule Hull-a-port Pro Folding Kayak Carrier holds your boat securely and then gets out of the way when you dont have a kayak on top of your car.

Thule Hullavator

Thules Hullavator is an elevator to get your kayak on your vehicle.

Thule Hydro Glide Saddle - 1 saddle

The Hydro Glide Saddle is Thules alternative to rollers. Unlike rollers, the Hydro Glide has no moving parts to break or jam, just super slick felt pads that let you slide the bow through into the ... more info.

Thule Outrigger II

If you dont want a big scratch on your Escalade from trying to put your kayak on the roof by yourself, youll be happy to see Thules Outrigger II. The Outrigger II slides into the front load bar and ... more info.

Thule Quick Draw

The Thule Quick Draw combines ratcheting blocks and metal hooks to make a no-effort tie down.

Thule Roller Coaster - 1 saddle

The Roller Coaster is made up of two cradles and (surprise!) a central roller that keeps your boats pristine hull from rubbing against the crossbar, eliminating friction as you push the boat onto ... more info.

Thule Sailboard Pads

The Thule Sailboard Pads wrap around your bars to provide padding where it counts.

Thule Set-to-Go - 1 saddle

The Set-to-Gos soft pads can be adjusted to fit any kayak hull with ease. A ratchet strap is included so you dont have to mess around with knots tying your yak down.

Thule Slip Stream Car Rack

If youre looking for a secure and fool-proof way to transport your kayak, look to the Thule Slip Stream Car Rack. This fully adjustable kayak platform ensures contact-free loading and optimum ... more info.

Thule The Stacker

The Thule Stacker holds up to four boats and folds down for a cleaner look and reduced wind profile when not in use.

Thule Top Deck Kayak Saddle w/ Tie Downs

The Thule Top Deck Kayak Saddle makes it easy to get your boat from your garage to the water. Thule designed this kayak holder to attach to most factory racks or roof rack load bars in just a few ... more info.

Yakima BigStack Boat Rack

The Yakima BigStack Boat Rack holds two boats in a vertical position to take up minimal space on top of your car, so you can also add a cargo box, bike rack, or another BigStack.

Yakima BoatLoader - Boat Mount Accessory

The Yakima BoatLoader begs the question, Who needs an extra set of hands? Let your rack do the work! Yakima BoatLoaders provide assistance for loading boats on tall vehicles.

Yakima BoatLocker

The Yakima BoatLocker secures a kayak, or other boats, and a paddle to your vehicle.

Yakima BowDown Boat Rack

The Yakima BowDown Boat Rack securely holds your whitewater or sea kayak for a trip to the put-in, and then it folds down to increase aerodynamics when youre not shuttling a boat.

Yakima Crossbar Pads

Rigging your kayak to your roof can take a toll on your hull. Protect your boat with the Yakima Crossbar Pads.

Yakima Gunwale Brackets set of 4

The Yakima Gunwale Brackets set of 4 carry a canoe by the gunwales with a soft, rounded shape.

Yakima HullRaiser Aero Water Roof Rack w/ Tie Down

The Yakima HullRaiser Aero Water Roof Rack uses a J-cradle design, which holds a kayak on its side. This takes up little roof space and allows quick, easy loading.

Yakima HullyRollers

The Yakima HullyRollers make it simple to slide your boat onto the top of your automobiles roof. Combine this pair of pivoting rollers with the Yakima Mako Saddles (sold separately) for a simple and ... more info.

Yakima LandShark - Set of 4

Yakimas LandShark saddles fit all popular recreational boats. Just slide your boat on, and the saddles grip firmly when you tie it down.

Yakima Mako Aero Saddles

The simple and functional Yakima Mako Aero Saddles carry your sea or whitewater kayak, and they fit nearly any factory bars right out of the box.

Yakima Mako Saddles

Yakima Mako Saddles feature a scoop-shaped cradle that fits any hull shape, allows easy loading of your kayak, and provides a secure attachment for the drive to the water.

Yakima Showboat Boat Rack

When its time to load up your kayak, slide the Yakima Showboat Boat Rack out to protect the back of your car or SUV from scratches, dents, and dings.

Yakima Strap Thang

Attach your surfboard to your car roof rack with the Yakima Strap Thang.


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