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Aire LVM 12-Volt Inflator

The LVM 12-Volt Inflator has a 9-foot cord with color coded battery clamps, multiple valve fittings, and separate openings for inflating or deflating to quickly pump air in or release air out of your inflatable raft or kayak.

Harmony 3lb Anchor with Bag - 30ft Line

Deploy the Harmony 3lb Anchor, tie the end of the 30-foot-long line to a cleat or hook on your kayak, and stay in one spot while you fish, eat lunch, or take photographs.

Harmony 50-foot Free Throw Bag

With a neoprene flotation disk inside the bag, Harmonys 50-foot Free Throw Bag is easy to recover, re-stuff and re-throw. That way, your buddy wont have to tread water longer in case you dont reach him with the first throw.

Harmony 70-foot Free Throw Bag

Harmonys 70-foot Free Throw Bag has a neoprene flotation disk inside the bag, so its easy to recover, re-stuff, and re-throw, in case you dont reach your buddy the first time.

Harmony High Volume Sea Kayak Pump

Harmonys High Volume Sea Kayak Pumps shorter length and innovative design lets you pump water out of your kayak quickly, while saving arm-energy for your paddle back to shore.

Harmony Rod Holder Clip Kit

Secure your pole to your kayak with the Harmony Rod Holder Clip Kit and then paddle your kayak over to your favorite fishing hole.

Harmony Safety Kit

Harmonys Safety Kit includes a high-volume bilge pump, Blade Aid paddle float, emergency strobe light, long paddle leash, and a whistle.

Harmony Standard Sit On Top Backband

Fasten Harmonys Standard Sit-On-Top Backband to your kayak and give your back a break on longer paddling trips.

NRS Bilge Pump

Your kayak capsized, but you have a bilge pump. Yeay! But the bilge pump sunk and is now at the bottom of the ocean. Booo. NRS includes a float with the Bilge Pump. Yeay!

NRS Boat Sponges

Both the NRS Boat Sponge and the Deluxe Boat Sponge help remove pools of water that your bilge pump leaves behind.

NRS Deluxe Cockpit Cover

Sometimes you want to keep items in your kayak (your two-piece paddle and life vest) while youre traveling. Sometimes you want to keep things out of your kayak (small animals) over the winter. Grab the NRS Deluxe Cockpit Cover.


The NRS HD/HT strap is without question the best strap in the river-running industry. Used, abused and trusted by river rats for over 20 years.

NRS Nylon Cockpit Cover

The NRS Nylon Cockpit Cover helps keep your two-piece paddle and life vest secure inside your boat while you travel, and this cover says no to small creatures who might otherwise take up residence in your boat during the winter.

Ocean Kayak Comfort Backrest

The Ocean Kayak Comfort Backrest clips into the decking on your sit-on-top kayak and provides excellent support to make your long days of kayaking more comfortable.

Ocean Kayak Comfort Deluxe Backrest

The Ocean Kayak Comfort Deluxe Backrest with Seat Pad turns your day of paddling into a comfortable cruise on the lake instead of a back-wrenching suffer fest.

Ocean Kayak Comfort Pro Backrest

Take your Ocean Kayaks sit-on-top kayak out for the day and stay comfortable with the Comfort Pro Backrest.

Ocean Kayak Scupper Stoppers - 2 pieces

Stay dry while you paddle the day away in your Ocean Kayak with Scupper Stoppers to block out the water.

Stohlquist Re-Traxt Tow-Tether

Your friend just had a wet exit in a class V rapid. While your buddies pull him from the water, clip his boat with the Stohlquist Re-Traxt Tow-Tether, and bring it to shore.


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