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I use a Garmin Rino 120 as my GPS for orienteering, geocache, and general backcountry navigation.  I do not use the GPS as my primary navigation tool, but as a backup and confirmation to a map and compass.  I have been orienteering since 1979 in a variety of terrain and different countries and prefer the "old school" approach.  I do use a GPS when I am within 50 feet of a Geocache to navigate to within a few feet of the 8 digit Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) grid coordinate provided in the instructions.  Geocache is an excellent method to hone your navigational expertise for adventure racing--especially if you use the GPS as only a confirmation tool vice your primary navigational instrument.

DeLorme Earthmate PN-20 GPS

Take the DeLorme Earthmate PN-20 GPS with you when you road trip, hike off-trail, geocache, sail around the bay, or tour a new city.

Garmin Colorado 400t GPS

Topographic maps are great and all, but what if you fell asleep in geography class and dont know a contour from a coconut? Boot up the Garmin Colorado 400t for topo and 3-D map viewing that even the ... more info.

Garmin Edge 205 GPS Unit

Always know where youre going and how far youve goneamong many other featureson your next bike ride with the Garmin Edge 205 GPS Unit.

Garmin eTrex Vista

Garmins eTrex Vista GPS combines a basemap of North and South America with a barometric altimeter, electronic compass and 24MB of customizable map memory.

Garmin Forerunner 301

If youre serious about training and your gym is the great outdoors, the wrist-mounted Garmin Forerunner 301 is your personal coach, heart-rate monitor, and route map.

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS

The Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS is the sleek training partner you wear on your wrist, with multi-sport adaptability, GPS function, and a host of extra features for the serious outdoor athlete.

Garmin Rino 120

The Garmin Rino 120 is state-of-the-art GPS navigation and two-way communications combined, with enough memory to download detailed mapping for driving, hiking, hunting, fishingor just about anything ... more info.

Garmin Rino 130

The Garmin Rino 130 GPS adds a built-in electronic compass, barometric altimeter, weather receiver for seven NOAA weather channels, and 24 MB of internal memory to its already impressive capabilities.

SPOT Satellite Messenger

When youre headed into the backcountry or traveling abroad in unfamiliar territory, pack the SPOT Satellite Messenger for worldwide satellite tracking and emergency alert capabilities.