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Recommended selection criteria for gloves:
  • Select Alpine mountaineering and ice climbing gloves with reinforced fingers, palms and other contact points for durability
  • Ensure the gloves are not too tight which will lead to cold fingers
  • Consider gloves with a liner that can separate from the main glove. This provides for quicker drying and using just the liners adds more finger dexterity
  • For trail running select gloves that are wind proof for winter and above tree line running and a second form fitting pair for late spring /early summer

Bottom Line recommendation for gloves: You will probably require a couple gloves to match your requirements: a light weight model for trail running and larger two part model for mountaineering and ice climbing.

Bottom Line recommendation for hats: A significant amount of the body's heat escapes through the head. Select a hat with wind proofing qualities and fleece lining for colder conditions. Select hats>>


Arc'teryx Covert Scarf

Hit the town this winter with the unique style of the Arcteryx Covert Scarf.

Arc'teryx Gamma SV Headband

Pull on the Arcteryx Gamma SV Headband to keep your ears toasty without overheating.

Burton Coil Scarf

Keep your neck warm on the cold walk to the bar with the Burton Coil Scarf.

Burton Minsk Scarf - Women's

The open-knit design of the Burton Womens Minsk Scarf just begs for a night out on the town.

Burton Nexxus Scarf

It takes a special kind of rider to rock the Red Baron look on the slopes; Burton made the Nexxus Scarf for those who feel confident with just such a style.

Coal The Brim Headband

The Coal Brim Headband keeps the sun out of your eyes and the wind in your hair.

Coal The Cable Scarf - Women's

Wrap the Coal Womens Cable Scarf around your neck and tell people your head will fall off if you remove it.

Coal The Code Headband

The Coal Code Headband keeps your ears warm without covering your giant rasta dreads, freshly combed hair, tattooed scalp, or whatever you have going on up there.

Coal The Dylan Scarf

Even with all your winter clothes, your neck is still exposed to the frigid air. Get yourself the Coal Dylan Scarf to keep your skin protected from the winters chill.

Coal The Fawn Scarf - Women's

No, the Coal Womens Fawn Scarf is not made from baby deer. Its cozy acrylic knit feels as soft as one, though.

Coal The Moore Headband

Though its loose knit makes the Coal Moore Headband a relatively poor choice for warming your head in really cold weather, it does a great job of keeping your hair out of your eyes.

Coal The Moore Neck Warmer

Thanks to hand-knit detailing, the Coal Moore Neck Warmer goes great with your can you believe I found this awesome retro thing at a thrift store jacket.

Coal The Sierra Scarf - Women's

Spicing up your winter wardrobe is as easy as wrapping the Coal Womens The Sierra Scarf around your neck.

Coal The UK Scarf - Women's

Stir things up in Liverpool with the Coal Womens UK Scarf. A two-tone color scheme and fringy tassels give you a jolly-good look.

Outdoor Research Baffin Balaclava

The Outdoor Research Baffin Balaclava provides full head and face coverage to keep your noggin warm while you ski or climb in the worst mountain weather.

Patagonia Micro D-Luxe Scarf

Wrap up in the fleece warmth of the Patagonia Micro D-Luxe Scarf to fight off winters chill.

Patagonia R1 Balaclava

When windchill threatens to bite off your ears, few things match the full-head shelter of Patagonias R1 Balaclava.

Patagonia R1 Headband

The Patagonia R1 Headband keeps your ears from freezing on chilly morning runs and cross country ski tours.

Pearl Izumi MicroSensor Headband

Climb a big hill on your bike when the roads are dry this winter, and keep your ears warm on the way back down with the Pearl Izumi Micro Sensor Headband.

Pistil Bliss Scarf - Women's

Wrap the Pistil Bliss Scarf around your neck and we dare youtry just try to frown. Its not possible.

Pistil Quinn Scarf - Women's

Thanks to an extra-fine blend of cashmere and merino wool, the Pistil Quinn Scarf makes the itchies a thing of the past.

SmartWool Sport Stripe Scarf

The SmartWool Sport Stripe Scarf stops Mother Nature in her tracks when she tries to steal your warmth.

SportHill InFuzion Headband

The SportHill InFuzion Headband keeps your ears warm and lets your noggin vent.

The North Face Logo Ear Gear

When you no longer need a hat on the slopes, but you dont want your ears to freeze, find a happy medium with The North Face Logo Ear Gear.

The North Face WindStopper Ear Gear

The North Face WindStopper Ear Gear is the ultimate headband. Perfect for intense aerobic activities like Nordic skiing, the Ear Gear will let you ventilate, but will keep your ears nice and warm.


Tip: If your fingers get cold in your gloves, pull the fingers out of the individual locations and ball them up inside the glove.

Tip: Start out with layered clothing that still leaves you feeling cool when you start out hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, etc...Your activity level will produce a great deal of heat that will cause you to sweat if you begin layered and comfortably warm.



686 Active Pipe Gloves

Stiff fingers and slippery palms arent a good combo in the pipe. Thats why ... more info.

686 Irwin Leather Gloves

If you dig old-school all-leather gloves, grab the 686 Irwin Leather ... more info.

686 Jungle Camo Insulated Gloves

686 made the Jungle Camo Insulated Gloves with 15K-rated waterproof ... more info.

Burton AK Gore-tex 3L Throttle Glove - Men's

The Burton Mens AK 3L Gloves Gore-Tex Viper Stretch XCR fabric gives you ... more info.

Burton AK Guide Glove - Men's

Whether hiking backcountry booters or freeriding at the resort, The Burton ... more info.

Burton AK Tech Glove - Men's

The ultra-breathable performance and low-profile insulation of the Burton ... more info.

Burton Approach Under Glove - Men's

Cold hands make grabbing harder and generally contribute to shred misery. ... more info.

Burton Baker Glove - Men's

A rear zippered pocket on the Burton Mens Baker Gloves allow easy ... more info.

Burton Baker Under Glove - Men's

The Burton Mens Baker Under Gloves Thermacore insulation and fixed wooly ... more info.

Burton Combo Glove - Men's

The Burton Mens Combo Gloves give you a two-for-one deala waterproof ... more info.

Burton Gore-tex Under Glove - Men's

The Burton Mens Gore-tex Under Glove gives you the trusted performance of ... more info.

Burton Gore-Tex Glove - Men's

The Burton Mens Gore-tex Glove helps you ride out the storm. With the ... more info.

Burton Gore-tex Support Glove - Men's

Wear the Burton Mens Gore-tex Support Gloves with integrated wrist ... more info.

Burton Impact Glove - Men's

Reduce your risk of wrist injury with the Burton Mens Impact Gloves ... more info.

Burton LTD Gore-tex Under Glove - Men's

When everyone else scurries for the lodge, stay out for a few more laps ... more info.

Burton LTD Liftline Glove - Men's

Storm-lite 2.0 fabric, a waterproof Insane Membrane, and warm PrimaLoft ... more info.

Burton Pinnacle XCR Glove - Men's

Burton made the Mens Pinnacle XCR Glove for snowboarders who arent stopped ... more info.

Burton Pinnacle XCR Under Glove - Men's

From spring corn to winter blizzards, the Burton Mens Pinnacle XCR Under ... more info.

Burton Powerstretch Liner Glove - Men's

Layer the Burton Mens Powerstretch Liner Glove under your shell for ... more info.

Burton Profile Glove - Men's

With a large gauntlet, Thermacore insulation, and a soft microfiber ... more info.

Burton Profile Under Glove - Men's

When everyone else is suffering from mild frostbite, youll keep shredding ... more info.

Burton R.P.M. Leather Glove - Men's

Throw down on your next pipe run while wearing the Burton Mens R.P.M. ... more info.

Burton Ronin Piste-Off Glove - Men's

Any company can give their gloves extra weather protection or extra ... more info.

Burton Ronin Vinyl Glove - Men's

The Burton Mens Ronin Vinyl Gloves get their unique look and feel with ... more info.

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