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Using a roller set or bike trainer is one of the best ways to maintain your hard won cycling fitness over the winter. While cross country skiing (especially skate skiing) helps maintain your biking legs fitness and cardio-vascular system--there is no substitute for specific training of the muscles used in cycling.

Kreitler 3.0in Complete Roller Set

Train indoors on Kreitlers 3in Complete Roller Set when snows on the ground and kill it come spring.

Kreitler 2.25in Complete Roller Set

Kreitlers 2.25in Complete Roller Set delivers approximately 90% more resistance than the 4.5s, which should sufficiently kick your ass.

Kreitler 4.5in Complete Roller Set

You can ride a million miles without ever leaving your home when you use the Kreitler 4.5in Complete Roller Set. Machined aluminum drums roll quieter than a Rolls Royce in a storage unit.

Kreitler Kat 1 Training Station

Biking when theres a blizzard raging outside? The Kreitler Kat 1 Training Station lets you train even in the hairiest conditions, because its inside your house.

Kreitler Kat 2 Training Station

Set up the Kreitler Kat 2 Training Station in your home or office, and stay active through any weather conditions or time constraints.

Kreitler Kompact 3.0in Roller Set

Kreitler made the Kompact 3.0 Roller Set for traveling.


Continental Ultra Sport Hometrainer Race Tire

The Continental Ultra Sport Hometrainer Race Tire uses a special compound designed for use on rollers during your off-season cardio training.

Kreitler Flywheel

The Kreitler Fly Wheel adds resistance and rotating mass to your Kreitler Rollers, giving your workout a more road-like feel.

Kreitler Forkstand

The Kreitler Fork Stand bridges the gap between rollers and trainers. Set it up and stop constantly worrying about balance.

Kreitler Killer Kool Headwind Fan

The Kreitler Killer Kool Headwind Fan adds adjustable resistance to your Kreitler Training Machine, as well as a cooling breeze to your head and body.


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