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Brooks Heritage Saddles Tool Roll w/ Tool Set

Whats in the satchel, old chap? Why this isnt a satchel, tis but the Brooks Heritage Tool Roll, you daft wanker. And if you must ask, this Tool Roll contains all the tools I need for a fantastic ride.

Crank Brothers Multi 10 Tool

The Crank Brothers Multi 10 Tool is on the spartan side of the tool shed, but it has a few welcome extras that the minimalists generally miss.

Crank Brothers Multi 17 Tool

The Crank Brothers Multi 17 Tool has mountain bikers first in mind.

Crank Brothers Multi 19 Tool

If your multi-tool comes up short when youre tweaking every nut, bolt, and spoke on your ride, trade up to the Crank Brothers Multi 19.

Crank Brothers Multi 5 Tool

If youre thinking a big toolkit will drag down your 19-pound technetium XC rig or helium-filled carbon road wing, you need the ber-minimalist Crank Brothers Multi 5 Tool.

Crank Brothers Speed Tire Lever

The Crank Brothers Speed Tire Lever telescopes to provide extra leverage for the most stubborn tires.

Cutter Doc Y-Key - 4/5/6 Hex Key Wrench

The Cutter Doc Y-Key includes 4, 5, and 6mm hex keys to help you fix your derailleur, tighten your headset, or snug down your pedal and keep from walking home.

Cutter Flip Small Travel Multi-Tool

Cutters Flip Small Travel Multi-Tool plays un-noticed stow-away in your messenger bag or saddle bag whether youre headed for a long-ranger or just a jaunt into town.

Cutter Switch Small Travel Multi-Tool

Leave the tool kit at home and opt for the Cutter Switch Small Travel Multi-Tool when youre headed out for some urban reconnaissance.

Full Speed Ahead (FSA) FSA Mechanics Coverall - Men's

Protect your threads with the FSA Mens Mechanics Coverall while you wrench on your rig.

Lezyne Alloy Levers - 1 Pair

The Lezyne Alloy Levers compact size makes it a great choice to bring along in your pack, and the tough aluminum construction handles the most ornery tires easily.

Lezyne Carbon 10 Multi-Tool

The Lezyne Carbon 10 Multi-Tool includes all the goodies you need to get your bike up and running again, and all for a weight of only 89g.

Lezyne Carbon 5 Multi-Tool

Add the 46g Lezyne Carbon 5 Multi-Tool to your saddle bag and get the tools you need to get back on the road after a mechanical.

Lezyne Sabre Levers - 1 Pair

Lezyne made the Sabre Levers for changing big DH and freeride tires that usually snap plastic levers like toothpicks.

Lezyne Stainless 12 Multi-Tool

The Lezyne Stainless 12 Multi-Tool adjusts your derailleur, tightens your loose seat post, breaks and repairs your chain, and even helps you true your wheel.

Lezyne Stainless 20 Multi-Tool

The Lezyne Stainless 20 Multi-Tool includes everything from screwdrivers, to hex wrenches, to a chain tool. Whatever your mechanical issue, this can help fix it.

Park Tool 3-Way Wrench

Get a grip on the Park Tool Hex Y-Wrench. This 3-way wrench fits nicely in your fist, providing unmatched leverage so you can show those hard-to-turn screws whos boss

Park Tool Adjustable Spoke Wrench

Get a twist going on the most stubborn road or mountain spokes with Park Tools SW-10 Adjustable Spoke Wrench.

Park Tool AWS-12 Metric/English Folding Hex Set

This Park Tool Folding Hex Set includes the most common metric and English sizes to help you with quick fixes on the trail.

Park Tool AWS-9 Hex/Phillips/Flathead Folding Tool Set

Loose bolts rattle on your bike frame. No problem, you brought your multi-tool along. Tighten tighten ack, the handle on your tool broke. The composite handle on Park Tools Phillips/Flathead Folding ... more info.

Park Tool Folding Hex Wrench Set

The Park Tool Folding Hex Set eliminates the need for a mess of loose tools and fits neatly into your bike pouch.

Park Tool Heavy Duty Shop Apron

You dont want to get bike lube, grease, or spilled PBR on your new Fox jersey, so wear the Park Tool Shop Apron when youre working on your ride.

Park Tool I-Beam Multi/Mini 10pc Set

Park Tool I-Beam Mini Fold-Up Wrench includes a variety of hex wrenches, a T25 Torx wrench, and a flathead screwdriver to aid your on-trail repairs.

Park Tool I-Beam Multi/Mini Tool 6pc Set

Double-check that you stashed the Park Tool I-Beam Mini Fold Up Hex & Screwdriver Set in your bike packat a slight 3.1ounces, this multi-tools weight has a tendency to go unnoticed.

Park Tool L-Shaped Hex Wrench Set - 8pc

Simple and functional, the Park Tool Hex Wrench Set helps you with a wide range of bike repairs whether youre in your garage or on the trial.

Park Tool L-Shaped Hex Wrench Set w/ Mount - 8pc

Mount the Park Tool L-Shaped Hex Set to the wall in your shop, and youll never be without a key hex wrench.

Park Tool Multi-Tool Wrench

Each of the nine tools on the Park Tool MT-1C Hex Keys is positioned so you dont have to dislocate your wrist just to tighten nuts, bolts, and screws that are hard to reach.

Park Tool P-Handled Hex Wrench Set - 8pc

When youre spending hours building, repairing, and tuning bikes, the Park Tool P-Handle Hex Wrench Set makes all the difference.

Park Tool Professional Pedal Wrench

Park Tool Professional Pedal Wrench uses two 15mm openingsone at 30 degrees and the other at 45to tackle any pedal position, while an extra long 14in handle provides extra leverage to take on the ... more info.

Park Tool Shop Cone-Wrench Set

The Park Tool Shop Cone-Wrench Set uses ultra-thin heads to work well with the narrowest of adjustment cones.

Park Tool Tire Lever Set

Its going to be a long pit stop if you have to change a tire without the Park Tool Tire Lever Set.

Pedros 15mm Equalizer Pro Pedal Wrench

The Pedros 15mm Equalizer Pro Pedal Wrench takes to stubborn pedals like a nun with a ruler to your knuckles at St. Marys.

Pedros Bench In A Box

The Pedros Bench In A Box comes with everything from a headset tool to tire levers to a pedal wrench, so you can build, tune, and repair anything.

Pedros Beverage Wrench

Conveniently labeled to prevent you from drunkenly maladjusting your multi-thousand-dollar rig, Pedros Beverage Wrench makes quick work of bottle tops.

Pedros Bottom Bracket Socket - ISIS Compatible

You feel a little slop in your pedals and know the truth in the pit of your stomach. Time to get the Pedros Bottom Bracket Socket and get to work on your bike.

Pedros Critical Mass M7 Multi Tool

Pedros carbon fiber Critical Mass M7 Multi Tool weighs only 82-grams and provides just the necessary tools in a lightweight, easy to carry package.

Pedros Critical Mass Multi Tool

Weighing in at just 77-grams, Pedros carbon fiber Critical Mass Multi tool provides just the necessary tools in a lightweight, easy to carry package.

Pedros Critical Mass OR Multi Tool

Pedros carbon fiber Critical Mass OR Multi Tool weighs only 128-grams and provides just the necessary tools in a lightweight, easy to carry package.

Pedros Downhill Tire Lever

It might look like a medieval tongue-depressor, but the Pedros Downhill Tire Lever is made to get under the biggest, baddest DH tires out there.

Pedros Folding Hex Set Plus

Slip Pedros Folding Hex Set Plus into your saddle bag, and youll have all the metric hex head sizes you need for on-road or on-trail adjustments, plus a flathead and either Torx or Philips-head ... more info.

Pedros Folding Hex Wrench Set

The Pedros Folding Hex Wrench Set features a durable composite handle, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, and 6mm hex wrechestake this tool out on the road with you for quick adjustments and quicker fixes.

Pedros Intensive Care Unit plus 7

Pedros ICM multi-tool includes a Mavic M7 spoke wrench along with their celebrated Intensive Care Unit to get you on your way.

Pedros L Hex Wrench Set - 9 Piece

Tired of searching the bottom of your tool box for the right hex wrench? The Pedros Hex L Wrench Set features a tabs-keeping plastic holder, and the long wrench lengths provide great leverage.

Pedros Magnetic Parts Tray

When you finally get tired of dropping bolts behind your workbench, get yourself the Pedros Magnetic Parts Tray.

Pedros Master Tool Kit 2.1

The Pedros Master Tool Kit 2.1 includes, well, basically anything you could possibly need to build, repair, or tune your bikenot to mention a case for everything.

Pedros Mini Pro Torque Wrench

You can guess how tight to make all your bikes bolts, or you can use the Pedros Mini Pro Torque Wrench and be sure.

Pedros Multi Spoke Wrench

The Pedros Multi Spoke Wrench includes slots for three different size spoke nipples, so youre never stuck with the wrong tool for the job.

Pedros Pint Glass

Toss a few back post-ride with an authentic Pedros pint glass.

Pedros Pro Shop Apron

The Pedros Pro Shop Apron includes a whole slew of front pockets to hold the necessary tools and keep you from going back to the bench every three minutes.

Pedros Pro T/L Handle Hex Set - 9 Piece

Hang the Pedros Pro T/L Handle Hex Set over your bench and say goodbye to scrambling and searching for tools. This ergonomic hex set helps you make quick work out of big jobs and long days in the ... more info.

Pedros Pro Torque Wrench 2.0

Torque all your stuff that needs torque with Pedros ProTorque Wrench 2.0.

Pedros Pro Torx T/L Set - 7 Piece

Pedros release of the Pro Torx T/L Piece Set comes as response to the bike industrys growing use of Torx fasteners on todays two-wheelers.

Pedros Ratcheting Combo Wrench Set

When youre gearing up for some serious shop time, make sure you have Pedros Ratcheting Combo Wrench Set at the ready.

Pedros Rx Multi-tool Plus 7

The Pedros RxM Multi Tool has all the tools to keep a rider rolling back home.

Pedros Shimano Integrated Bottom Bracket Wrench

Pedros made their Shimano Integrated Bottom Bracket Wrench with a precision cut for use with Shimanos new bottom bracket cups.

Pedros Star Nut Setter

Working with 1-inch and 1 1/8-inch nuts can be a pain in the ass but, the nimble Pedros Star Nut Setter puts those nuts right where you want them.

Pedros Tire Lever

The Pedros Tire Lever gives you plenty of leverage to change burly DH and freeride tires, so you dont have to worry about breaking a half-dozen plastic levers in the process.

Pedros Trixie Bike Tool

The Pedros Trixie Bike Tool includes everything from a spoke wrench to hex wrenches, to a bottle opener for shop and on-trail maintenance.

Pedros Vise Whip

Face it. Chain whips are a pain to usethats why Pedros created the Vise Whip. Now you can remove cassettes quickly and easily without the juggling act.

Pedros Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Having trouble with the whole two-hand coordination thing? One steady arm is all you need to get your sip on with Pedros Wall Mounted Bottle Opener.

Pedros Y Wrench

If youve never seen the Pedros Y Wrench (or one exactly like it), may we suggest going into any local bike shop and asking to borrow an Allen key?

Serfas Mentor All Purpose Multi-Tool

Your bike ride can turn into a flat-tire, poop-spoke, busted-chain walk of shame. Or you can fix rattling bolts and ride-stopping problems with the Serfas ST-X1 Mentor Multi-Tool.

Serfas Multi-Tool 22-In-1

Serfas made the ST-LV Multi-Tool with 9 and 10mm open wrenches, 6, 12, and 14mm box wrenches, four spoke wrenches, allen tools, screwdrivers, a torx head driver, and a tire lever.

Serfas ST-2 Mentor Multi-Tool

Along with bolt-tightening 3, 4, 5, and 6mm Allen tools, the Serfas ST-2 Mentor Multi-Tool has derailer-adjusting screwdrivers, a knife, and a bottle opener.

Serfas Tire Lever - 3 Pack

Being able to change a tire can mean the difference between a short pit-stop and a long, really annoying walk home, so make sure you pack these Tire Levers from Serfas.

Serfas Zipper Multi-Tool

The Serfas STZ-2 Zipper Multi-Tool equips you with 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 6, and 8mm Allen Tools, Philips and Flathead screwdrivers, a T25 Torx, and a chain tool, so youre not stuck wanting on long bike rides.

Serfas Zipper RD Multi-Tool

Gears can start rattling while you ride, which really grates on your nerves. When you want a lightweight, compact tool thatll tighten loose bolts and help adjust your derailers on your ride, grab ... more info.

Ultimate Support Systems Alpine Digital Scale

Clamp the Ultimate Support Systems Alpine Digital Scale into your bike stand to accurately weigh your bikes wheels and other gear.


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