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Upgrading your wheels on your mountain bike is one the best investments in achieving overall performance improvement. Consider the primary use of your bike and the nature of the terrain prior to selecting a wheel set since many adventure races have terrain that would not normally be seen in a typical mountain bike race and the wheels must be strong enough to endure "bush whacking" and seldom used routes in your quest to cut your overall finishing time.

Easton XC One Disc 29in - Wheel or Wheelset

The Easton XC One Disc 29in Wheel uses straight-pull stainless steel spokes to increase lateral stiffness and give your 29er a whole new feel on the trail.

Easton XC One Disc 29in - Wheelset

The Easton XC One Disc 29in Wheel uses straight-pull Sapim spokes to increase stiffness, eliminate wheel wobble, and provide protection from big rocks.

Easton XC Two Disc 29in - Wheel or Wheelset

Easton hand builds every XC Two Disc Wheel to ensure you get maximum performance from every single pedal stroke you take.

Mavic C29SSMAX 29er - Wheel or Wheelset

Shave weight and add stiffness to your 29er with the precision-engineered Mavic 29in Crossmax Disc Wheel.


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