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Upgrading your wheels on your mountain bike is one the best investments in achieving overall performance improvement. Consider the primary use of your bike and the nature of the terrain prior to selecting a wheel set since many adventure races have terrain that would not normally be seen in a typical mountain bike race and the wheels must be strong enough to endure "bush whacking" and seldom used routes in your quest to cut your overall finishing time.

Crank Brothers Cobalt XC - Wheelset

The Cobalt XC Wheelset is like nothing youve ever seen, which is no surprise coming from Crank Brothers.

Crank Brothers Iodine Bike Wheelset

Crank Brothers steamrolls the competition with innovative wheelsets like the Iodine.

Easton Havoc DH Disc - Wheelset

Downhill racing puts serious stress on your wheels, so make sure you have the Easton Havoc DH Disc Wheel on your rig before you leave the start gate.

Easton Havoc Disc - Wheelset

Not only does the Easton Havoc Disc Wheel give you the strength to handle nasty freeride trails, it also lets you run a 9, 15, or 20mm front axle.

Easton XC One SS Disc - Wheelset

Just when you thought your single-speed couldnt get any better, Easton brings you the super-stiff XC One SS Disc Wheel.

Gravity DH-300 Wheelset

The DH-300 Wheelset is the toughest in Gravitys lineup, so you know its up for any downhill race course or freeride trail.

Gravity DH-300 Wheelset - 150mm

Gravity put its years of racing and freeride experience into making the DH-300 Wheelset as tough as a coffin nail while keeping it light enough for race day.

Gravity FR-916 Light Wheelset - 135mm

The Gravity Light FR-916 Wheelset crushes downhill races, rules slopestyle contests, and handles the burliest freeride trails around.

Mavic Crossline - Wheel or Wheelset

Mavic built the Crossline Wheel for riders who need something tough enough to handle endurance rides without draining all their money.

Mavic Crossmax SL - Wheel or Wheelset

Mavic created the Crossmax SL Disc Wheelset for mountain bikers who want to shave weight without compromising performance and feel.

Mavic Crossmax SLR - Wheel or Wheelset

Mavic put the Crossmax SLR Wheel on a diet for 2009 and dropped weight to 1520g for a pair without sacrificing a speck of performance.

Mavic CrossMax ST - Wheel or Wheelset

If the Mavic CrossMax ST Disc Wheel sounds familiar, thats because youve seen them rolling past on top-end XC setups for years.

Mavic CrossMax SX

The Mavic CrossMax SX Wheel combines the low weight you need to crush a climb and the stiff feel and durability you need to pin the descent.

Mavic Crosstrail Disc

The Mavic Crosstrail Disc Wheelsets unique rim design allows you to use UST tubeless tires or standard tubes, so youll be set no matter what type of rubber you like to roll with.

Mavic Deemax - Wheel or Wheelset

The yellow Deemax Wheel has been a staple of World Cup downhill racing for years. This season, Mavic changed the paintjob and shaved a full pound from the set.

Mavic Deetraks - Wheel or Wheelset

Mavic developed the Deetraks Wheel with help from Boyco, Zinc, and The Claw to give it the performance needed to dominate slopestyle courses and freeride trails everywhere.

Shimano America WH-M778 Light All-Mountain - Wheel or Wheelset

The Shimano WH-M778 Light All-Mountain Wheel provides the blend of low weight and durability you need for your day-to-day trail riding.

Shimano America XT WH-M775 XC Racing - Wheel or Wheelset

Wheels should be at the top of your list if youre building or upgrading your cross-country mountain bike. Shimanos Deore XT WH-M775 Wheelset is pretty dialed, and pretty affordable to boot.

Shimano America XT WH-M776 All-Mountain - Wheel or Wheelset

Shimano acknowledges the freeride cult with the wider, stiffer, and tougher XT All-Mountain Wheelset.

Shimano America XTR WH-M975 XC Racing - Wheel or Wheelset

Ohhh mommy. The tubeless, disc-specific Shimano XTR M975 Wheelset is scandalously light, super stiff, and looks supremely sexy blazing across the finish line of a cross-country racecourse.


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