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Typically, I attempt to match the mandatory packing list and the race length against (anticipated hours to complete) one of the packs I own. Most adventure races, marathon trail races and endurance mountain bike have mandatory gear lists as well as minimum requirements for water on-hand for the start of the race. The GoLite 24 Pack listed below has received excellent reviews from individual users as well as Adventure Sport Magazine.  I have used a similarly sized (1200 c.u.) hydration pack which is more than adequate for 24 hour races as well as peak bagging in summer and early fall months.

Bottom Line: Match the race requirements and your personal needs to find the smallest and lightest pack available.

Arc'teryx Axios 25 Daypack - 1648cu in

Arcteryx had breathability and comfort in mind while designing the Axios 25 Daypack.

Arc'teryx Cierzo 35 Backpack - 2136cu in

Created for single-push ascents and ridiculously lightweight alpine climbs, the Arcteryx Cierzo 35 Backpack holds just want you need and adds only a scant 20oz to your total gear weight.

Arc'teryx Miura 20 Backpack - 1221cu in

Arcteryx loaded the Miura 20 Backpack with all the cragging features they could come up with and provided rock climbers a serious tool for a day at the cliffs.

Arc'teryx Miura 30 Backpack - 1831-2136cu in

The Arcteryx Miura 30 Backpacks panel-access design and internal gear loops keep your climbing gear organized, so you can rack up quickly and get on your route.

Arc'teryx Miura 50 Backpack - 2746-3356cu in

Whether youre cragging at Rifle or Indian Creek, the Arcteryx Miura 50 Backpack carries all you need for a day of sending and keeps your rack organized.

Black Diamond 50 Caliber Backpack - 3051-3295cu in

Whether youre heading out on an overnight adventure or simply like to be well-prepared for a day of climbing, the cavernous Black Diamond 50 Caliber Backpack holds everything youll need.

Black Diamond Demon Backpack - 1831-1953cu in

The Black Diamond Demon Backpacks 1953cu inch volume holds just enough gear to get you through an alpine jaunt, and the beefy 1260D nylon shell withstands years of them.

Black Diamond Demon Backpack - 1953-2197cu in

The classic, minimalist Black Diamond Demon Backpack now comes in an expanded range of sizes to accommodate everything you need for a day in the mountains.

Black Diamond Demon Duffel - 2565cu in

For short approaches and casual days at the sport crag, leave the alpine pack in the closet and load up the Black Diamond Demon Duffel.

Black Diamond Hollowpoint Backpack - 1220cu in

Whether you take the Black Diamond Hollowpoint Backpack on a short trail hike or running errands in town, its 1200cu inch main compartment holds the bare necessities.

Black Diamond Nitro Backpack - 1340-1465cu in

Hunt down the most elusive waterfalls with the Black Diamond Nitro Backpack secure on your back.

Black Diamond Pulse Backpack - Women's - 1220-1340cu in

Charge up the trail at full speed thanks to the light Womens-specific Black Diamond Pulse Backpack.

Black Diamond RPM Backpack - 1587cu in

The Black Diamond RPM Backpacks 1lb 4oz weight and low-profile design make it a great choice for ultralight day hikes and trad routes when you need to lead with a pack.

Black Diamond Speed 40 Backpack - 2319-2441cu in

Some people like to stop and smell the flowers. Black Diamond made the Speed 40 Backpack for the rest of us whod rather climb 20-pitches of rock than twirl in the daisies.

Deuter AC Lite 20 Backpack - 1200cu in

The Deuter AC Lite 20 Backpack fits the bill for backpackers and day hikers who dont want a lot of bells and whistles to interfere with their time on the trail.

Deuter ACT Trail 32 Backpack - 1950cu in

You plan to have your daypack for a while, so it makes sense to get one that actually fits. Welcome to the Deuter ACT Trail 32 Backpack.

Deuter Futura 24 SL Backpack- Women's - 1450cu in

With the same technology for comfort and performance just on a smaller scale, Deuter created its Futura 24 SL Backpack specifically for women.

Deuter Futura 28 Backpack - 1700cu in

You finally have time to take that day hike with the kids; have an enjoyable trek while wearing the Deuter Futura 28 Backpack.

Deuter Futura 32 Backpack - 1950cu in

For quick weekend hikes, days at the crags, or winter day trips, the Deuter Futura 32 Backpack comfortably carries all the gear you need.

Deuter Speed Lite 20 Backpack - 1200cu in

You try to pump your arms for momentum during fast hikes, climbing approaches, and adventure races, but your backpack is like an impenetrable blockade back there. Try the Deuter Speed Lite 20 ... more info.

GoLite Peak Backpack

You sweat profusely as you follow your buddy up the trail. Hes wearing the lightweight GoLite Peak Backpack.

GoLite VO24 Backpack - 1500cu in

The GoLite VO24 Backpack includes all the features you need for adventure racing and no unnecessary bells or whistles.

GoLite VO24 Backpack - Women's - 1200cu in

GoLite designed the Womens VO24 Backpack specifically to give you all the features you need to take on grueling 24-hour adventure races.

GoLite VO24 Backpack - Women's - 1400 cu in

Every feature of the GoLite Womens VO24 Pack makes it an ideal choice for adventure racing and for day hikes that cover more ground than most backpackers do in a weekend.

Granite Gear Jalapeno 35 Backpack - 2100cu in

Mosey through the mountains at your leisure with the Granite Gear Jalapeno 35 Backpack, knowing that your pack holds all you need for a day hike or even a light overnighter.

Gregory Z 25 Backpack - 1525-1650cu in

The Gregory Z25 Backpack holds your water snacks and extra clothing for a summer day hike or an afternoon at the boulders.

Gregory Z 30 Backpack - 1650-1920cu in

Thanks to a lightweight suspension system, the Gregory Z30 Backpack keeps your gear comfortable on your back, so you can handle your day hike or morning summit trip without feeling like you have a 50 ... more info.

High Sierra US Ski Team Backpack

Support Americas skiers competing in Vancouver this winter by carrying your gear in the High Sierra US Ski Team Backpack.

Kelty Acute 32 Pack - 1950cu in

Kelty made the slender Acute 32 Pack for one-night stays in the backcountry.

Kelty Acute 32 Pack - Women's - 1950cu in

You could probably fit about eight banana bunches (seven or so to a bunch) in the Kelty Womens Acute 32 Pack, but that would probably be a bit of potassium-overkill for your all-day hike.

Kelty Radii 27 Pack - 1650cu in

Load up the Kelty Radii 27 Pack for everything from a long summer day hike to a winter jaunt in the backcountry. The Aero Fly suspension system and panel-loading design make for a comfy ride and easy ... more info.

Lafuma Eco 28 Backpack - 1700cu in

If youre looking for a daypack that goes with your organic cotton hiking shirt and shorts, grab the Lafuma Eco 28 Backpack. Lafuma made this lightweight pack out of recycled polyester fabric and ... more info.

Lowe Alpine AirZone Centro 27 Pack - 1600cu in

It can get hot during the day on a summer or fall hike. To avoid massive back sweat while youre clambering up the trail, Lowe Alpine made the AirZone Centro 27 Pack with a ridiculously airy back ... more info.

Lowe Alpine AirZone Centro 35 Pack - 2100cu in

The Lowe Alpine AirZone Centro 35 Pack stores a waterproof jacket and pants, snacks for the entire day, maps, your GPS, and an emergency shelter when youre hiking in areas with unpredictable weather.

Lowe Alpine Summit Attack 30 Hyperlite Pack - 1800cu in

If youre looking for a streamlined, lightweight pack for quick alpine ascents, grab the Lowe Alpine Summit Attack 30 Hyperlite Pack.

Marmot Matterhorn 30 Backpack - 1850cu in

Marmot made the Matterhorn 30 Backpack tough enough to handle serious days in the mountains and threw in all the features you need for a technical ascent.

Millet Peuterey 35 Limited Backpack - 2135cu in

From days the sport crags to sketchy alpine ice routes, the Millet Peuterey 35 Limited Backpack is your all-around rucksack for any vertical adventure.

Millet Peuterey 40 Backpack - 2440cu in

When youre expecting a cold bivy or a night out during your next climb, pack your gear in the Millet Peuterey 40 Backpack and take on big, difficult routes.

Millet Prolight 24 Backpack - 1464cu in

For fast-and-light climbs, ski-mountaineering day trips, or day hikes up craggy peaks, pack up the Millet Prolight 24 Backpack.

Millet Prolight 27 LD Pack - 1650cu in

Fully deserving of its name, the Millet Prolight 27 LD Pack weighs in at just two pounds, six ounces.

Millet Prolight 35 Backpack - 2135cu in

Load up the Millet Prolight 35 Backpack with one or two days worth of climbing gear, for sunny crag days to light-and-fast ski mountaineering missions.

Mountain Hardwear Bebop Backpack - 1200cu in

When you plan to hike Mt. Baldy before lunchtime or want to practice self-arresting on a glacier near camp, load the Mountain Hardwear Bebop Backpack, and get going.

Mountain Hardwear Drifter Backpack - 2000 or 2200cu in

The front-loading Mountain Hardwear Drifter Backpack holds your essentials, whether those include climbing shoes and a rope, lunch and layers, or work shirt and gym shorts.

Mountain Hardwear Scrambler Backpack - 1950cu in

Mountain Hardwear designed the Scrambler Backpack as a streamlined, lightweight sack for multi-pitch climbs, summit scrambles, and day hikes.

Mountain Hardwear Splitter Backpack - 2150-2350cu in

Mountain Hardwears Splitter Backpack is a panel-loading crag pack you can drop in the dirt and whip open for easy access to your climbing gear.

Mountain Hardwear Trad Backpack - 2050-2300cu in

Yosemite Valley, Indian Creek, Squamish, Joshua Tree. These are the places the Mountain Hardwear Trad Backpack feels at home. In addition to making a solid cragging pack, this top-loader does the ... more info.

Ortovox Cross Rider II Daypack - Women's

Searching for backcountry pow is no joke, so be prepared with the Ortovox Womens Cross Rider II Daypack strapped to your back.

Osprey Packs Exos 34 Backpack - 1900-2200cu in

Putting shoulder straps and a belt on a silnylon sack might be super lightweight, but without real suspension it can feel like youre hauling a sack of potatoes. So Osprey created the Exos 34 ... more info.

Osprey Packs Kestrel 28 Daypack - 1600-1700cu in

The Osprey Kestrel 28 Daypacks clean, functional design takes on a variety of backcountry adventures from simple hikes to rock climbs to summit pushes.

Osprey Packs Kestrel 32 Daypack - 1800-2000cu in

The Kestrel 32 Daypacks panel-loading design allows quick access to all your gear, and Osprey beefed it up with features youd usually find only on larger overnight bags.

Osprey Packs Stratos 24 Backpack - 1300-1700cu in

The Stratos 24 Backpack has all the features of Ospreys larger Stratos packs but in a size suitable for more modest pursuits. With hydration-compatible function, and added features like side mesh ... more info.

Other backpacks for adventure racing and backcountry travel: