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Altimeters are an important tool in navigation and orienteering and required on the packing list for the Grand Traverse--especially in limited visibility conditions. Nick and I completed the Grand Traverse a couple years ago during a poor snow year...At least we were not forced to do the Grand Reverse which has happened in the past. Combining map contour lines with the altimeter data and you have the next best thing to a GPS--which are not allowed on Adventure Racing courses or the Grand Traverse.

I use a Garmin Rino 120 as my GPS for orienteering, geocache, and general backcountry navigation.  I do not use the GPS as my primary navigation tool, but as a backup and confirmation to a map and compass.  I have been orienteering since 1979 in a variety of terrain and different countries and prefer the "old school" approach.  I do use a GPS when I am within 50 feet of a Geocache to navigate to within a few feet of the 8 digit Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) grid coordinate provided in the instructions.  Geocache is an excellent method to hone your navigational expertise for adventure racing--especially if you use the GPS as only a confirmation tool vice your primary navigational instrument.

Many sophisticated wrist-top computers or handheld devices, combine with the PC software developed to give more graphical representation of your performance, and can be shared with various Internet communities [Geocache, orienteering, etc..], where you can download your routes and share information with other like-minded people from around the world.