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The Beginning: I began this web site in the summer of 2003 with a couple purposes in mind.  First, I wanted a consolidated and convenient location to post all the race information, gear, and other sites I would typically use in a year of training and competing.  The second goal was to have a site where friends and families could go to see what our family was doing.

The Present: Obviously, since its inception, the purpose of the web site has evolved to include an outlet for my occasional writings on training, technique and race reports as well as a gear section.  The purpose of the gear section began as a place to locate the items I used on a regular basis and has also has evolved to a include recommendations on many types of gear [still working on that aspect].

So eventually the question arises, “what qualification do you have to provide advice on training, gear selection and competition”.  So, I have finally decided to document some of the different experiences (highlights) which have added to my collective knowledge on various endurance competitions which span over 29 years starting with my first exposure to adventure racing in 1980 during Sandhurst Competition at West Point, NY (http://www.usma.edu/dmi/sandhurst_competition.htm) and ending with the thrid year of completing the "Leadman" during the 2009 season.

Type of competition

Location, Time or place

2 Mile run

Ft. Benning, GA. This was part of Army Physical Fitness (APFT) test: 10:09

5KM run

Athens, GA: 16:51

5 Mile run

Columbus, GA:  28:15

10KM run

Salinas, CA: 35:04

½ Marathon

Ft. Benning, GA: 1:18


Smoky Mountains, TN: 2:48:09

50 Mile run

Buena Vista, CO: 10:4x

100 Mile run

Leadville, CO: 26:40

100 Mile Road bike

TOSRV Columbus, OH : 4:20 (fastest century: amazing tail wind coming back from Portsmouth, OH)

100 Mile Mountain bike

Leadville, CO: 9:11:37 [2009 time]

200 Mile Road bike

Mid-Ohio Double Century: 12:01

Venture Quest Adventure Race

Fountain Head Regional Park, VA.  3rd place overall best finish in the years competed and various teams

Adventure Xtreme Series

Summit 24 Race 1st place open division, Durango, Co 3rd place in the open division and have competed in the series 2004-2009

Army “Best Ranger Competition

1988: 6th place in the Army “Best Ranger Competition”, Ft. Benning, GA (http://www.bestrangercompetition.com/): A three day non-stop competition consisting of but not limited to: Physical Fitness Test (2 mile run, push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups), Day and night land navigation, 24.6 ruck sack run (50 pounds), water and land obstacle courses, and canoeing. Best Ranger competition description: http://www.army.mil/Ranger/2009/competition.html

2006 Leadman competition

Leadman competition finisher [one of 12 in 2006 to meet all cut off times]: Marathon, 50 mile mountain bike, 100 mile mountain bike, 10KM, and 100 mile run.

2007 Leadman competition

Leadman competition finisher [one of 5 in 2007 to meet all cut off times--faster overall]: 26:40:58 Run, 9:32:15 Bike, 4:58:40 Marathon, 5:02:18   Silver Rush, 52:19  LT 100 10K.

2009 Leadman competition Marathon, 50 mile mountain bike, 100 mile mountain bike, 10KM, and 100 mile run.


  • University of Georgia, Athens, GA M.Ed. in Exercise Science, 1991.

Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Education at the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York

  • Swimming instructor
  • Aquatics director (1993-1994)
  • Director of Physical Education for summer New Cadet physical education training  (1200 students)
  • Introduction to Rock Climbing instructor
  • Instructor for 30 day Individual Advanced Development rock climbing curriculum at West Point and the Shawangunk Mountains “the Gunks,”  New Paltz, New York
  • Design the curriculum and executed a 30 day Triathlon training camp at the U.S. Olympic Center, Lake Placid, NY (summer 1992 and 1993)
  • West Point Triathlon Club Coach (1991-1994)
  • Assistant Race Director for the West Point Triathlon 1991
  • Race Director for the West Point Triathlon 1992-1993

So, there you have it--my general qualifications. I have competed in many more events that come to mind: Bud Light Triathlon series [remember those? back in the day...with lots of neon], 24 Hours at Snowshoe, Coors Light Biathlon [then changed to duathlon], 1st place overall in the Georgia State Duathlon championship, Various pentathlon (no horses involved although I do race with burros during Leadville Boom Days) and quadathons , but the above are the PR highlights and are the ones that readily come to mind...